Saturday, 1 June 2013

Dead cat, marmalade returns, and a rabbit.

Friday was a strange one for streetmogs spotting. Despite the radiant sunshine, cats were scarce. I can only assume their back gardens were more enjoyable than their front ones. However, I did get to meet a sweet-as-cotton-candy-bag-of-fluff, as well as running in to an old friend...and then there was the bunny.

Streetmog number: 190
Streetmog name: Candyfloss
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Lawn
Preferred stroke: Back scrunch
Character: Laid back
Other: Something caught my eye as I walked up the garden path. A soft, furry and seemingly inanimate object. A cushion cover which had fallen from the washing line, perhaps? Or a dead cat? Seriously, I thought it could have been my first dead streetmog but, on approaching, it stirred and I was reassured that it was simply a sun-worshipping, and living, cat. And what a beauty. She got bags of attention and was in no hurry to leave her spot on the lawn. By the look of the flattened nature of the grass, this is most certainly her spot and has been for some time...

Tummy tickle, yes please

Back scrunch, oh yes please

A few moments later, I ran into this lovely chap and I knew straight away that I'd met him before. I rarely forget a mog mug. Nice to meet you again, Marmalade.

And finally, I never expected to meet a rabbit on my walks. But here's a first, and he shall be called Streetbunny. He wasn't really a streetbunny, as he was safe and sound in a private courtyard. I wish I could have offered him a carrot.

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