Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What's new, pussycat?

After two days plumbeous skies and the none too infrequent heavy downpour, it was a grand and unexpected moment when this fellow appeared. His miaow, his gait and his expression each gave me genuine, if fleeting joy. And when I spotted his collar tag, he was only ever going to be named Tom Jones. And this post was only ever going to get one title.

Streetmog number: 189
Streetmog name: Tom Jones
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Door step
Preferred stroke: Ears, back, chin...the lot.
Character: Loveable cuddle-bag
Other: It's not unusual to see mogs hanging around on the doorstep, waiting to be let in. Once again, a feeling of guilt washed over me as I was powerless to appease this particular puss. Nevertheless, Tom was a simply lovely mog who greeted me with the most raspy yet endearing miaow. He purred like a legend and was happy to be fussed over for a few minutes, despite my inability to grant him his wish.

Cat Cymraeg?

Ok, much as I'd love to write more about streetmogs, it's time to crack on with my GCSE & IB Spanish exam marking. Ah yes, there might be more to your local postman than one might think...

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