Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cat Caboodle CXCIX

What an historic and momentous day for Streetmogs! Over the course of a long and tiring plod in the pussy rich area of Colliers Wood, I had spotted & snapped ten brand new kitties without even realising it. This took the cat counter to an astounding two hundred. It's only fitting that the 200th moggy gets its own post, which will follow soon after this one; read on to find out about the nine crazy cats that crossed my path on this most productive period of pussy procuring:

Streetmog number: 191
Streetmog name: Foxy
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Mid-pavement
Preferred stroke:
Character: In charge
Other: At first, from a distance, I thought this one was a fox but she turned out to be a rather beautiful ginger white. She seemed friendly but was more intent on showing me into her front garden, or possibly she just wanted to be let in. Whichever it was, I was to busy and shoulder-loaded to stop anyway, so I bid her farewell without getting any ginger fussing in. Shame.

Streetmog number: 192
Streetmog name: Skit
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Bushes
Preferred stroke:
Character: Skit
Other: Skit was just that. I caught a glimpse of him from lower down the street and, sensing he was a nervy one, approached his house quietly and with caution which enabled me to get the photo. He then fled into the bushes and would not come out, despite my best attempts at encouraging him.

You can't see me. Can you?
Streetmog number: 193
Streetmog name: Sumatra
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window sill
Preferred stroke:
Character: Suspicious
Other: I had decided to stop taking photos of mogs-in-the-window, as some might construe it as intrusive, or slightly odd. But when I saw this handsome tabby tiger staring out at me, I couldn't resist. He was gorgeous and I'd like to have met him outside, which is frankly where he should have been on such a lovely day.

Streetmog number: 194
Streetmog name: Peewee
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Pretty garden patio
Preferred stroke:
Character: Indignant
Other: Peewee simply stared at me. Mind you, I was doing the same thing, over a low fence. I wasn't about to go through the gate to get to the patio, so made do with this one shot. She was such a cutie, and seemed as well looked after as her perfectly manicured garden.

What you looking at, postie man?

Streetmog number: 195
Streetmog name: Leonine
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Pavement & wall
Preferred stroke:
Character: Stand-offish
Other: This handsome tabby was very wary of me, despite being bold enough to sit in the middle of the pavement before my arrival. I did try and get a bit closer, employing a sneaky move around the back of the tree, but he scarpered. Not that bold then, eh Leonine?

Streetmog number: 196
Streetmog name: Epsom
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Garden path
Preferred stroke:
Character: Trouble
Other: Epsom was up to no good, as can be seen a little bit further down this post. She would probably have let me get closer for some fussing, but she had company and so her attention was elsewhere. I'm realising that I actually got to pet very few of these nine mogs.

Streetmog number: 197
Streetmog name: Derby
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Garden path
Preferred stroke:
Character: Cheeky
Other: Derby wandered across my path directly into the front garden where Epsom was minding her own business. Two mogs at once, I thought, how fun! And their antics did not disappoint; when Derby wandered a bit too close to Epsom, the latter took aim with a beautiful paw swipe, sending the former scuttling away to explore other things.

Derby & Epsom. I have a feeling they might be cohabiters.

Streetmog number: 198
Streetmog name: Nuttall
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Wasteland
Preferred stroke: Head scrunch
Character: Old sop
Other: Oh, Nuttall, bless you and your creamy fluffiness. This delightful fellow, whose colour reminded me of a Mintoe, struggled to get up when I approached. Despite his initial wariness, he let me give him a nice head rub and let out an endearing purr. This puss was the epitome of cat contentment, basking his lovely old self in the warm English sunshine.

Streetmog number: 199
Streetmog name: Flump
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Scruffy back yard
Preferred stroke:
Character: Timid toes
Other: I couldn't fail to notice the contrast between peoples' gardens in this area of SW19. I'm sure that Flump would have loved, and looked particularly great, at Peewee's place. But no, Flump has to make to with this untidy spot and she doesn't seem to fit her surroundings, being a most original and beautiful looking kitty. I'm sure she's happy and well looked after, however. I didn't feel like getting too close as I wasn't sure what was around the corner, and she didn't seem keen to play. I was also tired and looking forward to getting back home and perhaps nipping up to Epsom Downs to see some ponies.

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