Sunday, 23 June 2013

Anyone for tennis?

A rubbish day at work was sweetened by 1. the news that I'd managed to get my hands on a pair of tickets for Wimbledon and 2. Brangwyn. Regarding the former, I will definitely bring my camera and be on the lookout for any mogs that might be roaming the outer courts of the All England Club! I'm also going to step up my efforts to find the first celebrity owned mog, as there are many famous people living in these affluent parts. Anyway, the tennis buzz is really building now so expect quite a few references to it over the next couple of weeks...

Streetmog number: 214
Streetmog name: Brangwyn
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Under vehicles
Preferred stroke: Head scrunch
Character: Overtly friendly
Other: Brangwyn appeared at the end of what had been a pretty frustrating day at work, details of which I won't go in to, and he really cheered me up. She turned my head with an extremely loud and tuneful miaow and then proceeded to follow me down the street and back again, diving and ducking under various cars & vans when she fancied it. She was such a friendly and affectionate mog who clearly loved company.

Nothing beats a lean-into-cupped-hand-head-scrunch

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