Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fattums Cattums

Just a couple of kitties for now, but splendid specimens they both be...

Streetmog number: 316
Streetmog name: King Sherwood
Actual name:
Location: Lush garden
Preferred stroke: Back rub
Character: Regal
Other: Oh man. This big old stalwart was a prize find, much like his quintessential English garden, which I covet greatly. I'd been waiting to meet this puss for a while, as previous visits to this home showed evidence of a cat, and it was great to finally meet him. He was wary of me at first, but with some practised cat-whispering I won his trust and affection. He also assumed I was about to let him in, and I left him forlornly sat outside his front door. Re the garden, it is a magical place. I am constantly amazed at the glorious spaces that exist throughout this part of Wimbledon - they are tonic for the soul, spirit, eyes and lungs. Walking around here is a pleasure at this time of year; at times it feels like plein country, and the privileged few who live here are, well, just that.

King Sherwood hankers for indoors time, despite the wonderful garden

Streetmog number: 317
Streetmog name: Aldous
Actual name:
Location: Door step
Preferred stroke: Not bothered
Character: Detached
Other: Aldous was a lovely old boy who was happy to stay put on his rubber door mat as I approached. Once I began to tickle that much-tickled chin of his, he purred happily and could have put up with much more but, alas, I had to move on.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Monday Mogs

Here are six more mogs wot I recently encountered upon the splendid streets of SW19. That is all.

Streetmog number: 310
Streetmog name: Devon
Actual name:
Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke: Full body tickle
Character: Demanding debonair
Other: Devon was smack-bang in the middle of the pavement and was not in the least bit fazed by my approach, crouch and tummy attack manoeuvre. He loved the attention and was extremely affectionate. I noticed that he was docked - a tail-less long haired beauty indeed - and I wondered what his story was. When I left, he continued to miaow for more attention and as I passed by on the other side of the street 10 minutes later, he was still making a racket. A charming and vociferous puss.

Streetmog number: 311
Streetmog name: Rogers
Actual name:
Location: Storage chest & pavement
Preferred stroke:
Character: Exhibitionist
Other: Rogers was watching me as I approached and he was keen to jump down from his nice garden storage chest to come and say hello. He was a bit of a tease as he proceeded to roll around on the pavement ahead of me before picking himself up and wandering away. I didn't even manage to get a tummy tickle in.

Streetmog number: 312
Streetmog name: Wally
Actual name:
Location: Wall top
Preferred stroke:
Character: Suspicious
Other: Wally was involved in some serious cat politics with a previously documented mog, Butternut, and was definitely not about to give up his superior position atop the brick wall. He was not impressed by my approach and ran off when I got close.

Streetmog number: 313
Streetmog name: Stretch
Actual name:
Location: Garage roof
Preferred stroke:
Character: Nosey
Other: Stretch was an inquisitive yet particularly cowardly thing. He was watching the above cat encounters from the safety of his garage roof and, as with Wally, ran off when I moved in close to say hello.

Streetmog number: 314
Streetmog name: Wilt
Actual name:
Location: Chair back
Preferred stroke:
Character: At peace
Other: I rarely take photos of inside cats due some cries of privacy intrusion, but when I do I'm careful not to show much of the house. This pretty tabby simply sat and stared at me and it would have been remiss not to have added him to the streetmogs hall of fame.

Streetmog number: 315
Streetmog name: 
Actual name: Maisy (2)
Location: Garden path
Preferred stroke: All of it
Character: Demanding affectionate
Other: Maisy (real name, thanks to collar I.D.) was an absolute gem of a mog. She ran up to me and showed her friendliness with a succession of purry head butts. This clearly wasn't enough for her, and as I crouched down she hopped onto my lap without a care in the world and settled down for some loving and thigh pummeling. I was enjoying a stress-free delivery on what was a warm and sunny day in Merton Park, and so was quite happy to take a break and enjoy the encounter..

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kitty Catch Up

Introducing, after a lengthy hiatus, eight new kitties to delight one and all. As announced back in Feb, postman cat was taking a sabbatical but he is pleased to announce the return (even if the posts might be rather sparse and sporadic) of Streetmogs! Apologies for the Game of Thrones names, but coming up with eight decent new ones proved too much and GoT is the talk of the week...

Streetmog number: 302
Streetmog name: Jon Snow
Actual name:
Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke: Full tummy & back rub
Character: Nonchalant
Other: Jon Snow approached with a swagger and an air of confident indifference. He then flopped himself down and encouraged fussing of the highest order. What a top fellow.


Streetmog number: 303
Streetmog name: Theon
Actual name:
Location: Door mat
Preferred stroke: Asleep - blissfully unaware but didn't seem to mind a stroke
Character: Narcolpetic
Other: Theon was a streetmogs first in more ways than one. He is the first mog to be spotted curled up on the front door mat (on what was a busy road) and the first to not awake from his slumber, despite my attentions.


Streetmog number: 304
Streetmog name: Sansa
Actual name:
Location: Window sill
Preferred stroke: Spine crunch
Character: Sprightly
Other: This beautiful creature belonged to a beautiful house and was crying to be let in. Judging by the footprints on the window sill, this is is her usual place to pace and plead for the indoors.

Streetmog number: 305
Streetmog name: Daenerys
Actual name: Luke
Location: Door step
Preferred stroke: Head rub
Character: Delightful
Other: Luke was a beautiful mog in appearance and character. He was soaking up the sunny conditions and enjoyed his petting to the point of following me down the path for more. I wish I could have stayed a while longer, pushtie, but a man's got to work.

Streetmog number: 306
Streetmog name: Stannis
Actual name:
Location: Path & door mat
Preferred stroke: Neck rub
Character: Impatient
Other: I initially thought that this handsome chief was coming to greet me out of pure affection, but I soon realised that it was the same old 'mistaken-for-owner' thing and that he thought that indoors time was imminent. Sorry, you handsome devil.

Streetmog number: 307
Streetmog name: Joffrey
Actual name:
Location: Driveway
Preferred stroke:
Character: Cowardly
Other: Joffrey was sat minding his business in the sun when I approached, and I thought he would be keen for some fussing but as I got closer he upped and went. Shame.

Streetmog number: 308
Streetmog name: Ygritte
Actual name:
Location: Fence top
Preferred stroke:
Character: Wary
Other: Ygritte seemed interested in me but, despite my best attempts at getting close, she decided not to hang around and headed for another back garden.

Streetmog number: 309
Streetmog name: Brienne
Actual name:
Location: Door mat
Preferred stroke: Head rub
Character: Laid back
Other: Another door mat cat! There must have been something in the air. This pretty thing wasn't asleep though, and we enjoyed some sun-patting and sun-petting before I went on my way.