Sunday, 23 June 2013

Anyone for tennis?

A rubbish day at work was sweetened by 1. the news that I'd managed to get my hands on a pair of tickets for Wimbledon and 2. Brangwyn. Regarding the former, I will definitely bring my camera and be on the lookout for any mogs that might be roaming the outer courts of the All England Club! I'm also going to step up my efforts to find the first celebrity owned mog, as there are many famous people living in these affluent parts. Anyway, the tennis buzz is really building now so expect quite a few references to it over the next couple of weeks...

Streetmog number: 214
Streetmog name: Brangwyn
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Under vehicles
Preferred stroke: Head scrunch
Character: Overtly friendly
Other: Brangwyn appeared at the end of what had been a pretty frustrating day at work, details of which I won't go in to, and he really cheered me up. She turned my head with an extremely loud and tuneful miaow and then proceeded to follow me down the street and back again, diving and ducking under various cars & vans when she fancied it. She was such a friendly and affectionate mog who clearly loved company.

Nothing beats a lean-into-cupped-hand-head-scrunch

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Three more moggles today, each one spotted last Saturday whilst out plodding some new streets in SW20, otherwise known as West Wimbledon. New streets tend to mean new streetmogs, which is always a good thing...

Streetmog number: 211
Streetmog name: Arabella
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke: Tummy tickle
Character: Tortie tease
Other: As the photo shows, I spotted this wondrous softie from way down the street. I always grab an early shot in case the mog gets spooked, but this one just lay there without a care in the world, even when I'd walked right up to her. I wouldn't say she was a true exhibitionist, but she was happy to stay put and let me execute some furry fussing. Of course, one tummy tickle was enjoyed, another was tolerated, but the third was met with the classic grab & bite combo.

Once - yes please, twice - take it easy, three times - you die

Streetmog number: 212
Streetmog name: Quintin
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window sill
Preferred stroke:
Character: Indifferent
Other: It's been a while since I've posted an inside mog but this handsome tabby was hard to resist. He just sat there and stared at me with disinterest and no little disdain.

Streetmog number: 213
Streetmog name: Eevee
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Car roof
Preferred stroke: Behind ear rub
Character: Confident
Other: Eevee was loving his car roof. It's funny how cats tend to sit under cars or lay on the top, yet hate to be inside. This cutie was more than happy to get up and come over to say hello. He enjoyed some strokes and then settled back down to people watch. Things got slightly more exciting when a dog appeared, but Eevee stayed put and stared from the safe distance of his warm metallic base.

I was struggling for names this evening and my son suggested that I name him after a Pokemon cat, which I did, although I have to admit there's not much of a resemblance, lolzapussalooza!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Bring me sunshine

There's a backlog of seven mogs for the blog and they'll be covered in two separate posts, as I'm struggling to find the time for write-ups at present. But fear not, for as long as I remain a part-time postie, Streetmogs is here to stay. I love meeting and blogging about the kittehs as much now as I did at the beginning, if not more. The following four cats were all encountered at the tail end of last week...

Streetmog number: 207
Streetmog name: Lee
Actual name:
Favourite Location: In company
Preferred stroke: Anything and everything
Character: Friendly follower
Other: Lee was one of the keenest cats I have ever met. He appeared in the distance atop a fence and made a feline beeline straight for me, showing untold enthusiasm for a meeting and greeting. Once he managed to jump down, he performed an energetic and affectionate leg weave and some excellent fussing was enjoyed. The best bit was that he then continued to shadow me for the next ten minutes or so. I soon began to feel a bit concerned as he was following me out of his quiet cul-de-sac towards a busy road, so I picked him up and put him back on the fence where he seemed happy to remain and see me off.

Streetmog number: 208
Streetmog name: Whiskey
Actual name: Susie/Su-Su?
Favourite Location: Under car
Preferred stroke:
Character: Nervy fluffball
Other: Whiskey was very nervous of me and, despite my best cat whispering attempts, she did not venture out from underneath her old banger. A little old lady told me in passing that said puss would never get close to me and I think I heard her use the name Su-Su or Susie, or something, but she didn't seem to be in a mood to stop for a cat chat. I usually tell people who and what I'm up to, but at other times I simply can't be bothered to explain.

Streetmog number: 209
Streetmog name: Morecombe
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window ledge (wanting inside)
Preferred stroke: Perhaps the head
Character: Catty
Other: Morecombe looked like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth (although I doubt he'd be interested in eating butter) but on attempting to pat him a gentle hello, he backed off and hissed at me. Oh Morecombe, I mean you no harm. His live-in partner, Wise (below), was much more happy to be fussed over.

Streetmog number: 210
Streetmog name: Wise
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Old plastic box (wanting inside)
Preferred stroke: Chin tickle
Character: Placid
Other: This handsome black puss seemed very assured, content and at ease, quietly sitting in the sunshine on his nice box in his nice porch. He was happy to be fussed over and he had a lovely miaow. I'm not sure if he's related to his less friendly and loftier friend, but they made a grand couple.

Morecombe and Wise together in their little porch. Not much of a comedy duo, to be fair...

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pair of pussies

Streetmog number: 205
Streetmog name: Rococo
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Wheely bin/drain cover
Preferred stroke: Tummy tickle
Character: Demanding
Other: Rococo was truly splendid, in appearance and character. He was keen to make my acquaintance, following some initial trepidation, and he soon jumped down from his bin to come and say hi. After a couple of miaows and a bit of fussing, he hit the drain cover for some back scratching and exhibitionist tummy exposure. He enjoyed the tummy rubs up until a certain point, and then it was claws out and back leg thrust attack. I was ready and prepared, of course. What a beautiful, brown tabby.

Streetmog number: 206
Streetmog name:
Actual name: Trixie
Favourite Location: Path (hiding)
Preferred stroke:
Character: Nervy tick
Other: Trixie was such a sweetie. We spotted each other simultaneously and then began the game of cat and postie, which she won. She wasn't going to let me get close and for a couple of minutes she ducked and dived behind the pillar to avoid my attention. Eventually, she headed for the open window, ready to disappear inside in case I got any closer.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Four play

Here are four cats from the latter part of last week, and a deliciously warm and sunny one it was too. This might explain why some of the mogs showed signs of lethargy and laziness. I was glad it wasn't just me.

Streetmog number: 201
Streetmog name: Margayita
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Path & porch
Preferred stroke: Full length head to tail rub
Character: Wired
Other: This kitty was a bundle of Bengal energy. I'd seen her quite a few doors down but she was acting skittish and wouldn't let me get close. However, when I reached what I presumed to be her house, she stopped in her travels and allowed me to fuss over her for a bit. She was as soft, smooth and svelte as she looks in the pics. A simple divine feline.

Streetmog number: 202
Streetmog name: Hamelin
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Paths and driveways
Preferred stroke: Chin tickle
Character: Leader (astrayer)
Other: Hamelin's behaviour reminded me of the Pied Piper. He approached, laid on some loving, turned on his paws and walked away, knowing full well that he would be followed. And he was. And when I found him again, he just gazed at me from behind the plants with total indifference. Hamelin, you are the cheekiest of mogs but I think you're a smasher, and I love your eyebrow whiskers.

I watch you, with much indifference. 

Streetmog number: 203
Streetmog name: Archibald
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Porch-wanting-in
Preferred stroke: Behind ear scrunch
Character: Placid
Other: Now then, Archibald reminded me of the splendid Reginald, from a previous post. This chap did not seem as old but was certainly as good looking. He was an affectionate and vocal old fellow but this was mostly down to the fact that he was desperately keen to get inside and cat-crash.

You going to let me in or not?

Streetmog number: 204
Streetmog name: Timmy
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Various areas of verdant foliage
Preferred stroke:
Character: Timid
Other: Little Timmy was terribly timid. He tried to hide behind the car, under a tree and behind a bush but he could not escape postman cat's prying eyes and cheap camera lens. Sorry mate, I didn't mean to scare you.

And finally...

Mogwai came back out to play! I met this adorable strumpet a while back and he was back to his old tricks again. It's always nice to meet on old, favourite streetmog.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Double Century Mog

A few days after the fact (other life stuff is leaving little time for blogging at the moment), here's the 200th streetmog. I never thought, back in September 2012 when I began this daft blog, that I would get close to meeting two hundred different cats, and certainly not within ten months. However, I'm now sure that there are many, many more mogs to come. When the 250 total is reached, expect a celebratory Streetmogs book release!

Streetmog number: 200
Streetmog name: Duke Ducentis
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Outdoor table top
Preferred stroke: Head rub
Character At ease
Other: Duke Ducentis inhabited the same patch as streetmog number 198, Nuttal. I hadn't realised he was the 200th mog until later on, and he's certainly a fitting double centurion. He wasn't bothered much by my presence, and was very receptive to some sun-fussing. Also, he reminded me of the famous internet kitty, Eyebrow Cat (see below)!

Internet sensation, Eyebrow Cat. I wonder if they're related.