Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Last Post...

or The Final Collection

Here we are then, the final Streetmogs post; my last letter has been delivered and the Royal Mail bag has been hung up for good. To all you cat lovers and blog followers, it's been a fun ride and I hope you enjoyed the daft words and wondrous, assorted mogs. Wimbledon, its cats and its posties will always have a place in my heart. It's just as well my new career will lead me back to Merton!

I'll leave the blog here for pussy posterity - if it disappears, blame the Google power lords. Enjoy the final four felines!

Streetmog number: 350
Streetmog name: Clive
Actual name:
Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke: Head scrunch
Character: Good old fashioned friendly streetmog
Other: This is what streetmogs is all about. A friendly cat, sat in the middle of the pavement, who trots up to say hello and enjoy some fussing. Classic.

Ooh yeh, just there mate

Streetmog number: 351
Streetmog name: Beau
Actual name:
Location: Driveway's edge
Preferred stroke: Head scrunch
Character: Lovable
Other: This scruffy fluffy fellow was adorable. He was a bit coy, but with a much-practised softly softly approach I won his trust and we enjoyed some excellent catmando time.

Ooh yeh, just there mate

Streetmog number: 352
Streetmog name: Galileo
Actual name:
Location: Church garden/courtyard
Preferred stroke:
Character: Frisky
Other: Galileo was a sprightly, svelte and handsome lad, who was most interested in the cat below. The two displayed a natural attraction and affection for each other, and far be it for me, nor anyone else, nor the whole world to get in the way of their purrfect love!

Streetmog number: 353
Streetmog name: Scaramouche
Actual name:
Location: Church garden/courtyard
Preferred stroke:
Character: Alluring
Other: Scaramouche seemed to be completely smitten with Galileo. The two were gamboling in the grass and putting on a heartwarming display of cat courting. If these two aren't already an item (if cats can be such a thing), they most certainly will be, one day...

And finally...

A fellow postie happened across the below. I can't lie - it wasn't a happy ending for the squirrel.

That's all folks!

Postman Cat

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Perfect weather for pussies

I'm not sure what's been in the air, but the kittehs have come out in full force. I not been doing many 'walks' (mostly mail) recently, but 'drives' (predominantly parcels), which tend to be less conducive to seeing streetmogs. However, they have been everywhere and so here are seven more for your pussying pleasure. I must have spotted another three or four but didn't get a chance to execute a stop & snap. It still surprises me that, despite having driven & plodded these streets for two and a half years, I am still meeting new ones. There must be THOUSANDS in Wimbledon alone. Bless them all.

Streetmog number: 343
Streetmog name: Fulwoody
Actual name:
Location: Car park & assorted flower beds
Preferred stroke: Under chin scrunch
Character: Mischievous
Other: This handsome fellow was a bit of a showman and led me a merry dance as he wandered towards and then away from me, finally setting among some fragrant flower beds.

Streetmog number: 344
Streetmog name: Levana
Actual name:
Location: Car park
Preferred stroke:
Character: Skit
Other: Levana had a think about coming over to say hello, but her nerves got the better of her and she skuttled away, revealing her docked rear end in the process.

Streetmog number: 345
Streetmog name: Minty
Actual name:
Location: The road
Preferred stroke:
Character: Insecure
Other: This sleek blackie was a ball of energy but wouldn't get close enough for some fussing. At one point she took a liking to the van and I had to ensure she'd cleared off before I drove away.

Streetmog number: 346
Streetmog name: Swanton
Actual name:
Location: Shut outside (a block of flats)
Preferred stroke:
Character: Desperate
Other: This poor little thing was making a right racket outside the door. I wasn't sure if I should let her in...but I did...and we enjoyed a little hello before she darted up the stairs in search of her front door and happier times.

Streetmog number: 347
Streetmog name: Victoria
Actual name:
Location: Street
Preferred stroke: Behind head scruncher (see pic)
Character: Hedonist
Other: The happiest, friendliest & cuddliest mog of the day. Tabbies often are. She lapped up my attention and affection, and followed me around while I went about my package delivery business.

Streetmog number: 348
Streetmog name:
Actual name: Toulouse
Location: Front path/porch/garden
Preferred stroke: Chin rub
Character: Inquisitive
Other: Now then, it was a great to meet Toulouse and Torbi because I had met, many times before, the third resident cat Mogwai (whose actual name is Tango!). I had a lovely chat with their owner and was lucky enough to win Toulouse's affections, which was apparently a rare thing for strangers. I got the cat touch.

Streetmog number: 349
Streetmog name:
Actual name: Torbi
Location: Same as above
Preferred stroke:
Character: Wary
Other: What a gorgeous, gorgeous thing. I was smitten with this beautiful British blue, and have decided that one day I would like to own such a cat. He was a bit nervy and wouldn't let me get close for any fussing, which was a shame, but it was great to see all three cats together.

Unfortunately, Tango left the picture...

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Today I met a cat.

Streetmog number: 342
Streetmog name: Stuart
Actual name:
Location: Door mat
Preferred stroke: Chin scrunch
Character: Olde
Other: Stuart was an soft, old and friendly black and white cat, sat on a mat - so what do you think of that?

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Four down, nine to go

The cat collecting continues at a slow, intermittent but steady pace, and we're on track to reach the target of 350 mogs before the last bill is delivered...

Streetmog number: 338
Streetmog name:
Actual name: Puss-puss
Location: Garden wall
Preferred stroke:
Character: Risk taker
Other: Puss-puss (real, adorable if daft name, as I met her owner and had a little chat) was walking down the middle of the street which was thankfully nice and quiet. I realised she had spotted her owner and was welcoming her home. I couldn't be bothered to get closer for another pic as it was hot & I was heavily laden.

Streetmog number: 339
Streetmog name: Sweeney
Actual name:
Location: Iron stairway
Preferred stroke: Back rub
Character: Jumpy
Other: Sweeney was waiting at the top of the steps along with Geoffroy below. I don't think she lived here but was merely causing trouble. She was an energetic thing and despite my best efforts to get a decent photo, her continuous movement meant that this was the only usable one.

Streetmog number: 340
Streetmog name: Geoffroy
Actual name:
Location: Top of stairway
Preferred stroke:
Character: Fazed
Other: This beautiful kitteh seemed very unsure of anything. He was wary of me, and unsettled by the aggravating antics of Sweeney. He just wanted to be let in and left in peace.

Streetmog number: 341
Streetmog name: Vimto
Actual name:
Location: Garden chair
Preferred stroke: Whatever
Character: Dozy
Other: This soporific mog was not cognizant of my presence until I made some noises to attract his attention (wake him up). He barely moved, unable to lift his head off the cushion nor open his eyes. Bless the old ginger.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Mogs are back in Wimbletown!

Recent conversations about this blog's demise inspired the mog hunter in me to make an effort to seek out some fresh felines, and as a result I present five new specimens for your pussy perusing pleasure. With about four weeks of plodding/driving the streets of Wimbledon remaining, I am confident that the 350 mark will be reached. It's good to be back!

Streetmog number: 333
Streetmog name: Preto
Actual name:
Location: Garden
Preferred stroke: Chin tickle
Character: Coy
Other: Preto seemed keen on being fussed over but was a fairly shy fellow and, despite a momentary enjoyment of some chin tickling, decided to up and leave after a few seconds. Suit yourself, mate.

Streetmog number: 334
Streetmog name: Biscuit
Actual name:
Location: Path
Preferred stroke: Cheek rub
Character: Cuddle monkey
Other: Biscuit was a sweet little thing, approaching me with trepidation but settling down at my feet to enjoy some fussing. She had a quirky purr, which pleased me.

Streetmog number: 335
Streetmog name: Fatsuma
Actual name:
Location: Front garden
Preferred stroke: Head rub
Character: In charge
Other: I was well chuffed with the name Fatsuma, but wondered if Fatsumo would have worked even better. This lexical ponderation could be happily discussed over a pint with a word nerd as like-minded as myself, but not today, or ever. Anyway, this portly ginger was a hoot, as the photos clearly show. In fact, for this reason alone, I will write no more.

Streetmog number: 336
Streetmog name: Miss Milquetoast
Actual name:
Location: Communal garden grounds
Preferred stroke:
Character: Scaredy cat
Other: This nervy lady was sat happily under a tree in the classic "laying eggs" position, keeping one eye on some squirrels who were making a right racket in its upper branches. She wasn't keen on my approach although she did wander over for a sniff and a brief hello.

Streetmog number: 337
Streetmog name: Aziza
Actual name:
Location: Same place as Miss Milquetoast
Preferred stroke:
Character: Same as Miss Milquetoast
Other: Aziza was a beautiful moggle and trotted over to say hello, despite the presence of Miss Milquetoast. She wasn't, however, relaxed enough to let me stroke her, which I have to admit was a disappointment. The two kittehs then proceeded to wander off, sniff each others' bums, and generally do what cats do best - show disdain to humans.