Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hit for Six

Despite the inclement climes, this week is turning out to be a surprisingly productive week for pussy appearances; you'll never keep a good streetmog down!

Streetmog number: 291
Streetmog name: Jenkins
Actual name:
Location: Fence
Preferred stroke: Neck tickle
Character: Frisky
Other: This energetic tabby could not stay still nor decide whether to stay on the fence, greet the postie or weave in and out of the flower pots. We got a little bit of fussing in before a passer-by grabbed his attention.

Streetmog number: 292
Streetmog name: Wookie
Actual name:
Location: Flower bed
Preferred stroke: Head tickle
Character: Friend for life
Other: Wookie was a delightful thing. He pummeled the path, rubbed up and down against the wall of the house and miaowed with great gusto, all with the intention of being let indoors. Sorry mate, it's not happening.

Streetmog number: 293
Streetmog name: Aurora
Actual name:
Location: Tarmac
Preferred stroke: Full body rub
Character: Strumpet
Other: This beautiful calico wasted no time in coming over for some attention, and boy did she milk it. I was treated to the full display of body rolls and belly flaunting. She didn't have a care in the world, nor mind that her fur and paws were sodden and full of detritus.

Streetmog number: 294
Streetmog name: Mejillas
Actual name:
Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke:
Character: Cheeky
Other: Mejillas made a fleeting appearance before he ran off somewhere else. He was a brazen mog, coming straight up to the van as we prepared our pouches for the first plod of the day, but he wouldn't hang around for any petting.

Streetmog number: 295
Streetmog name: Bojangles
Actual name:
Location: Driveway
Preferred stroke:
Character: Ghostly
Other: I was peeved not to get any closer to this striking fellow. His black nose was a wonder but he was a nervy one and wary of this high vis postman. I hope to run into him another day, get a decent photo and, better still, befriend him.

Streetmog number: 296
Streetmog name: Indiana Jones
Actual name:
Location: Fence tops
Preferred stroke: Under chin tickle
Character: Adventurous affectionado
Other: Indie J was fabulous. He was sat on a fence in a distant garden and I couldn't resist a brief cat-call to attract his attention and perhaps get a photo out of it for the blog. What I didn't expect was his decision to tackle the fenced obstacle course and work his way over to me. He miaowed all the way across and once arrived he was an affectionate, purry delight! Cat, your efforts are appreciated!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Cat-trick in one

Another three or six mogs for the blog today, the last entry being a magical three-in-one which will help the cat counter move closer to the big 300...

Streetmog number: 285
Streetmog name: Cosmo
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Wall and hedge
Preferred stroke: Chin scratch
Character: Mental
Other: Cosmo really was from another planet. He would not keep still for a second, hence the crappy photos. He was young and energetic and caused much mirth when he started to literally stick his head into the top of the newly trimmed hedge to self administer his very own scrunchy head scratch. Hilarious.

I am going to stick my head in this hedge, like this.

Streetmog number: 286
Streetmog name: Skimbleshanks
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Crazy paving
Preferred stroke: Under chin rub
Character: Inquisitive
Other: What a gorgeous ginger! This fine specimen had no qualms about walking up to me as I set my bag down to get the camera out and we enjoyed some quality fussing, something which had been missing with the streetmogs of late. Skimbleshanks loved to have his head rubbed and he then sat and watched me as I went about my duties.

Streetmog number: 287
Streetmog name: Cookie
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Pavement, road, under cars
Preferred stroke: Brief body rub
Character: Hyper
Other: If a cat could be diagnosed with ADHD then this critter would be that cat. He was totally hyperactive, chasing me around the van and up the path, wandering out onto the street and under parked cars, and then running up to my approaching colleague. He loved having company but was too excited to hang around and milk the attention.

Streetmog number: 288, 289 & 290
Streetmog name: Athos, Porthos & Aramis
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Sun strewn sofa
Preferred stroke: I wish I knew
Character: Lordly
Other: Oh my mog heavens! There are few words to describe the sight that greeted me as I shuffled wearily up the garden path, just as there is nothing much I can add that the image doesn't already say. I actually knocked on the door to see if I could meet the owner and find out a little more about these three handsome, poised and proud cats, but no one (human) was home. I shall return!

We know how good we look. You know how good we look. We know you know how good we look.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Pawz on pavementz

Four more mogs for the blog, each one a simply divine pushtine!

Streetmog number: 281
Streetmog name: Harlequin
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Wall & paving
Preferred stroke:
Character: Spooked
Other: This pretty tortie appeared fairly confident as I approached but she jumped down from her wall when I got too close and proceeded to duck and dive behind the plants, rebutting my attempts to favour her with some fussing. Silly tortie.

Streetmog number: 282
Streetmog name: Alani
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Street
Preferred stroke: Head rub
Character: Fearless road runner
Other: Alani was a right bundle of ginger energy and was interested in absolutely anything and everything that happened to be going on. He was especially keen on cars, investigating three of them during my brief visit to his street. Indeed, he decided to sit under my van and I had to shoo him out before I got in to start the engine, for that would have startled this silly mog and we wouldn't want that.

Streetmog number: 283
Streetmog name: Bogart
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Paving
Preferred stroke:
Character: Pretty nervy pretty boy
Other: Bogart was a very handsome young chap and was owning his small front garden. It looked as though he might entertain some cuddles but it was not to be, for his mog nerves got the better of him. Or perhaps I'm losing my touch?

Streetmog number: 284
Streetmog name: Marbella
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke: Brief upper back rub
Character: Jumpy
Other: Oh, Marbella you beauty! This wonderful puss popped out from her (or someone else's) front garden and trotted up to me with an endearing miaow. She was a bit of a tease, however, as she decided to head off again after only a few seconds of fluffy fussing. I loved her facial expression - she seemed to wear a permanent frown.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Double dose of ginger

Streetmog number:
Streetmog name: Skimbleshanks Ziggy
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Door mat
Preferred stroke: Under chin tickle
Character: Calm cutey
Other: This friendly old ginger-white was laying eggs quite happily when I approached and he was not unduly bothered by my presence, instead offering his head up for some chin tickling. He realised that I wasn't about to let him in, and then followed me down the path for some more attention.

Turns out this fellow is actually Ziggy from quite a recent post. Cheeky puss fooled me by wandering down other streets!

Streetmog number: 280
Streetmog name: Rusty
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Wall
Preferred stroke:
Character: Self-assured
Other: Rusty almost avoided detection as he was sitting so quietly atop his thin concrete wall. Initially he was very wary of me and I thought that he was likely to bolt at any moment, but he quickly relaxed and began to stretch and even scrunch the concrete. He had a (recently treated and healed) wound on his partly shaven head so had probably been in the wars, but he seems to have recovered well and is clearly a well looked after moggy.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

It's Caturday

Streetmog number: 278
Streetmog name: Oberon
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Driveway
Preferred stroke: Upper head scrunch
Character: Antz in pantsz
Other: Oberon was all over the shop, pacing the driveway like a mad thing. He wanted to be let inside but of course this wasn't happening so he soon got bored with me. His antics were entertaining, and I particularly loved his launch into the bush.

Streetmog number: 279
Streetmog name: Kovu
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke: Chin tickle
Character: Playful
Other: Kovu was a beautiful teddy bear of a cat. His markings and fluffy tail were so endearing and his character complemented these perfectly. He was such a sociable mog, too. After we'd enjoyed some fussing (to the amusement of some passers-by), he became more interested in a leaf so I left him to it.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I taut i taw a puddy tat

Times is getting busy what with cyber Monday around the corner and times is getting cold what with winter tightening its grip, but the mogs continue to please and warm one's cockles, and here are four such examples:

Streetmog number: 274
Streetmog name: Danish
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Warm windowsill
Preferred stroke:
Character: Softie
Other: As it gets colder, I anticipate there being more indoor cats on show and today was no exception. Danish was initially wary of my appearance at the window, but he soon relaxed and even began to perform a series of affectionate head rubs against the window frame. Bless his stripey socks.

Streetmog number: 275
Streetmog name: Colonel Mustard
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Garden side path
Preferred stroke:
Character: Scaredy
Other: This elegant looking ginger was interested in my presence but not enough to warrant some hands-on-fur fussing, for when I attempted to get close he slipped off down the path and disappeared. This was a shame, as he seemed such a lovely fellow.

Streetmog number: 276
Streetmog name: Smeagol
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Windowsill
Preferred stroke:
Character: Sit-offish
Other: This creature was pretty indifferent to my presence and, it has to be said, fairly unimpressed with my cooing through the window pane. What an absolute darling, although with that look and those eyes I sensed she had evil within her and was hatching a wicked plan.

Streetmog number: 277
Streetmog name: Pushtine
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Garden
Preferred stroke:
Character: Nervy tyke
Other: Pushtine had the most adorable manner - just look at that cutest of faces and his perfect stance - but he was a nervous chap and it didn't take long before he slunk off into the sanctuary of his back garden, at which point I noticed that he had no tail. I'm sure there's a tale in there somewhere.

And finally, a while back an @streetmogs follower sent me some photos of a beautiful Bengal called Bagheera and today I met him in the fur. He was a sociable, playful delight.