Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Double Century Mog

A few days after the fact (other life stuff is leaving little time for blogging at the moment), here's the 200th streetmog. I never thought, back in September 2012 when I began this daft blog, that I would get close to meeting two hundred different cats, and certainly not within ten months. However, I'm now sure that there are many, many more mogs to come. When the 250 total is reached, expect a celebratory Streetmogs book release!

Streetmog number: 200
Streetmog name: Duke Ducentis
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Outdoor table top
Preferred stroke: Head rub
Character At ease
Other: Duke Ducentis inhabited the same patch as streetmog number 198, Nuttal. I hadn't realised he was the 200th mog until later on, and he's certainly a fitting double centurion. He wasn't bothered much by my presence, and was very receptive to some sun-fussing. Also, he reminded me of the famous internet kitty, Eyebrow Cat (see below)!

Internet sensation, Eyebrow Cat. I wonder if they're related.


  1. OMW! Eyebrow Cat!! Why do I not know you?! ;-)

    1. He is a legend of the internet & I'm sure you've since checked him out! Much cooler than Grumpy Cat :)

  2. Indeedy...checked out and adopted as one of my posse of faves.