Thursday, 18 July 2013

Don't judge me!

Blog history is being made with this post, as the terrific puss featured below was not spotted by your friendly postman cat, but by a streetmogs follower from SW19. Seeing as the mog action is rather slow at the moment, and having been tweeted a photo of this beauty, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to invite a guest submission. It can't break any rules, as there are none...

Streetmog number: 220
Streetmog name: Bagheera
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Under car
Preferred stroke: Belly tickle
Character: Skulker becomes milker (of attention)
Other: This beautiful Bengal was initially sat skulking under a car, taking a breather from the oppressive heat of the day. With a few select mog-attracting noises from our guest cat lover, she came out to say hello, performed a graceful dust roll by the curb and then proceeded to gently chew fingers and accept tummy tickles. What a stunner. Thanks to Sophie for supplying the pics and cat bio!