Monday, 19 May 2014

Chalk & Cheese

Two mogs, both with very contrasting characters:

Streetmog number: 
Streetmog name:
Actual name: Luke
Location: Road
Preferred stroke: Anything on offer
Character: Contented
Other: Luke (real name) (odd name for a cat) (but I'm sure they have their reasons) was a total boy babe, if you know what I mean. He was friendly, affectionate, vociferous, confident and chilled. He soaked up the attention and, once he'd had his fill, trotted off down his lovely traffic-free road to seek out new adventures in streetmogging...

We have a streetmog repeat; I thought I'd spotted this chap somewhere quite different but realised that the roads almost back on to each other, so our Luke appears to be an adventurous wanderer - and he's definitely not a Daenerys!

Catch you later postman cat

Streetmog number: 328
Streetmog name: Mcflurry
Actual name:
Location: Leafy alleyway
Preferred stroke:
Character: Queen skit
Other: Oh, bless this beautiful white fluffy ball of nerves. Try as I might to win her trust and get close, she continued to edge away from me into the overgrown depths of an alleyway, which was a shame as I would have enjoyed meeting her. A friendly resident saw me trying to befriend this delightful mog and informed me that she never let anyone get close. Perhaps another day, Miss Mcflurry...?

I can see you but you can't see me, right?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sei gatti happi

Six more mogadishus for you moggling pleasure. I am particularly delighted with some of my streetmog names for this post. Inspiration was borne from either 1. excessive fatigue or 2. two glasses of Valdepeñas.

Streetmog number: 322
Streetmog name: Matt
Actual name:
Location: Mat
Preferred stroke: Head rub
Character: Oblivious
Other: Another mat cat, was Matt, sat like that. I see quite a few cats sat on mats, possibly due to the fact that they wish to sleep but would prefer to do so indoors. This chap was not bothered nor disturbed by my presence, and allowed me a little head rub before I continued on.

Streetmog number: 323
Streetmog name: Caesar
Actual name:
Location: Sofa back
Preferred stroke:
Character: Antsy
Other: This indoor boy was very excited by my presence and was literally scrambling up the window pane and frame to say hi or to execute an exit strategy. His well pronounced snout reminded me of a famous ape.

Streetmog number: 324
Streetmog name: Vladimir
Actual name:
Location: Alleyway
Preferred stroke:
Character: Bully
Other: Vladimir was involved in a three-way cat tête à tête. He was definitely trying to impose his will and power on the other two. Cat politics. It's all the same.

Streetmog number: 325
Streetmog name: Affogato
Actual name:
Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke: All of it
Character: Open hearted
Other: On approaching this nonchalant pavement dweller, I expected him to flee before I got too close, but I had misjudged him. This cute softie was open to all sorts of fussing and produced a terrific display of body rolls and tummy exposure.

Streetmog number: 326
Streetmog name: Wellsie
Actual name:
Location: Window sill
Preferred stroke:
Character: Not bothered
Other: Wellsie was a lovely old chap, who seemed lost in his own world of street gazing from behind the window. I particularly like the fact that the blind was broken, affording an entry and exit point to and from the window sill. We can guess who caused the damage...

Streetmog number: 327
Streetmog name: Pootle Flump
Actual name:
Location: Tree-bush
Preferred stroke:
Character: Dazed
Other: Pootle was fast asleep under his bush and did not seem amused to be woken up. I bet he didn't stay there long, as a few minutes later the heavens opened, producing a deluge the likes of which have not been seen since the other day.

Friday, 2 May 2014

More Mogs for May

Four more moggles for your amusement...

Streetmog number: 318
Streetmog name: Hoskins
Actual name:
Location: Garden path/bush
Preferred stroke: Back rub
Character: Tired yet contented old sop
Other: This lovely old fellow was curled up under a verdant bush when I arrived but my camera wasn't behaving and I missed the shot. By the time I'd sorted it, he'd awoken from his slumber. He made a sterling effort to come and say hello and we enjoyed a bit of fussing. He then beckoned me into his porch - we all know why; sorry old chap, I can't let you in, so why not return to your bush bed? He probably did just that.

Streetmog number: 319
Streetmog name:
Actual name: Fatty
Location: Molly's house
Preferred stroke: Head rub
Character: Bully bossy boots
Other: Firstly, I should make it very clear that this cheeky mogrel is indeed called Fatty, as per his collar tag. This made me chuckle, not least because he isn't even fat. Fatty was having a little showdown with the timid Molly (who I met a while back, no. 161) and I assumed they lived together. However, as I walked on, Fatty joined me two doors down and miaowed to be let in to his own house. He'd been acting like he owned the previous place. Poor Molly. Cheeky Fatty! Bless them both.

Back away from the door. Even though it's your house not mine.

Streetmog number: 320
Streetmog name: Managua
Actual name:
Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke: Neck scrunch
Character: Playful kiddy cat
Other: Managua was a beautiful young thing who appeared form nowhere and was happy to play and be petted. She was very distracted by leaves, insects and bits of rubbish...

Streetmog number: 321
Streetmog name: Bunny
Actual name:
Location: Back yard
Preferred stroke:
Character: Skittish
Other: This tail-less wonder was enjoying some company with a local resident, with whom I got talking (and who had called the mog Bunny, so the name shall remain). Not much is known about this sweet cat, apart from the fact that 1. it doesn't like the above resident's dog and 2. it lives next door and 3. it's very shy. We guessed that it might have had a tough life, but it appears to have a happy home now, so all's well.

And was quite a puss-prolific day in this area of South Wimbledon and, in addition to the above newbies, I met some old friends:

Rolo, not asleep on his shed roof this time:

Paintball, still a scaredy puss on this, her third streetmog appearance:

and the adorable Katy Purry (whose owner I met and found out that, surprisingly, she is not called Katy Purry but is the lovely Lolly).

That's your lot for now, streetmog followers...