Monday, 1 July 2013

Two torties

It's been fairly quiet on the streetmog front of late but here are a couple of friendly tortoiseshells to keep the cat counter ticking over:

Streetmog number: 215
Streetmog name: Tortellini
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Driveway
Preferred stroke: Chin scrunch
Character: Restless
Other: Tortellini was all over the place. She didn't seem to know what she wanted, or whether she was pleased to see me or not. After a bit of fussing, it was clear that all she wanted was to be let in. Sorry, mog.

Streetmog number: 216
Streetmog name: Tortilla
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Street wall
Preferred stroke: Head tickle
Character: Floozy
Other: Tortilla saw me from atop her wall, quickly walked over to where I was and proceeded to flaunt her good looks and demand attention - which she duly received. She was in kitty heaven on that wall, and so relaxed that at one point I was worried that she might fall off.

I also ran into a couple of old friends, Persia (one of the very first streetmogs) and Necktie:

Persia sunning it up
Necktie remains a timid little thing


  1. I took my two children to London for the first time ever this weekend and we thought of you sir :-)

  2. Duuude! I'm starving here... show me de puddy tats!

    1. Sorry! Not many mogs and hardly any time to blog at the moment. New post coming soonish though :)