Thursday, 2 May 2013

Black & Tan

Just two mogs in as many days, despite the superb weather. It matters not, for they are of great quality, as are all the cats that cross my postie path.

Streetmog number: 172
Streetmog name: Dreamweaver
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Door step (inside)
Preferred stroke: Back stroke
Character: Impatient (to go inside)
Other: Another sleek, black beauty, this chap shot out from the garden bushes and made a right old racket with his caterwauling. I can't believe I haven't used that word before. Anyway, he was a real leg weaver (but dreamweaver's a better name) and could hardly stay still for a photo. Oh, and he got his wish to be let inside as his owners were the lucky recipients of a couple of nice parcels.

Streetmog number: 173
Streetmog name: Dali
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Path
Preferred stroke: Lower back rub
Character: Delightful crackpot
Other: Dali was so happy to see me. He ran towards me with such pace and urgency that I had to move back in order to get the first shot. He was also extremely vocal, with one of those broken, low-pitched miaows which made him even more endearing. Dali loved being fussed over in the warm English sunshine; it was a nice moment for both of us.

Yes, I know, I am a handsome devil.


  1. Dali looks great, check out those whiskers

    1. Beautiful kitties.
      Beautiful moggys. I lost mine last Thursday. I'm broken hearted.

    2. So sorry to hear that, Judy

  2. Great whiskers for a dignified looking boy!

  3. Look at dreamwalker's blue blue eyes

  4. Thanks for the comments, keep on enjoying! :D