Saturday, 4 May 2013

Two In The Bush

Today I was treading a new part of town, the delightful Raynes Park. Let's just say I prefer working near Wimbledon Common or the All England Club to where I found myself this morning, right next to the A3 and a railway line. Despite the location, the streets themselves were quite peaceful (if you could ignore the noise from the aforementioned road), with no through-traffic and as such were a decent place to find mogs. The funny thing about today's is that they were all scaredy-cats, each one hiding from me in either the bushes or under a car. What is it about cats and cars? Anyway, I sensed that they weren't used to being befriended by strangers, let alone being fussed over, and unfortunately I didn't get close enough to pet any of them. Their loss, and mine, but at least our paths crossed and for that I am blogging grateful.

Streetmog number: 174
Streetmog name: Nougat
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Away from postie - under car
Preferred stroke: n/a
Character: Skit
Other: I actually saw Nougat on three separate occasions as she was roaming around various parts of the estate. This is as close as she'd let me get. She was more interested in exploring than me, and that's fair enough.

1st cat under car

Streetmog number: 175
Streetmog name: George Bush
Actual name:
Favourite Location: In bushes
Preferred stroke: Would like to have found out
Character: Insecure
Other: George Bush initially gave of an air of casual indifference and with it a possible willingness to allow a meet and greet, but as I tried my very best to approach softly he decided to slink off into the bushes, where I caught up with him to say hello and grab another photo. He had a very lovely miaow and a very beautiful face and I'm sure he's an affectionate mog, just a tad nervy.

1st cat in bushes

Streetmog number: 176
Streetmog name: Jaffa Cake
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Street/away from postie/under car
Preferred stroke:
Character: Major skit
Other: Jaffa Cake was a gorgeous ginger who looked even cuter when the wind whipped up and blew his fur around. He wasn't going to hang around for long, what with the wind and the annoying postman on his tail, so he duly went to sit under a crappy Nissan Micra. By this point I was getting tired and no longer in the mood to chase mogs, so I let him be.

2nd cat under car

Streetmog Number: 177
Streetmog name: Big Foot
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Under car/in bushes
Preferred stroke: 
Character: Bundle of nerves
Other: Oh Big Foot, what can I say? You fabulous feline fluffmeister. In keeping with today's theme of skittishness, he was also fond of hiding from the postman under, you guessed it, cars. Oh, and he had a penchant for absconding into the bushes too. Perhaps these moggles knew something that I didn't?

2nd cat in bushes

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