Monday, 28 January 2013

Your Cat My Cat Whose Cat

A day with a difference today, as I had a journalist from Your Cat magazine in tow, complete with freelance photographer, in search for some live, as-it-happens Streetmog action. The idea was to accompany me on my round in the hope of capturing some postie-mog interaction for an article in April's issue of the magazine. After some patience and perseverance, we were lucky enough to run into a few cats who were happy to fulfill our goal. One wonderful mog, Mouse (formerly known as Grinch) came out to pose and play for us (with permission from her owners) but she won't be featured here as I'd already met her and thus knew where to find her ;) Another cat, a beautiful Siamese named Saki, escaped the attention of my camera as I was too busy holding her for the photographer; hopefully she'll also feature in the article. More on that when I have the details. Many thanks to the owners of Mouse and Saki for allowing us access to their fabulous felines. Both households had two more cats so I shall be on the look-out for their furry faces in the future...

Streetmog name: Don Crema de Albaricoque
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window ledge (probably would prefer to be on inside window sill)
Preferred stroke: Under ear tickle
Character: Chillaxed
Other: Don Crema de Albaricoque was spotted by the photographer which was a boon, as we'd found our third cat of the day and the article would be a success. I was also delighted to capture a new one for the blog (and despite similarities to a couple of previous streetmogs, he's most certainly not a repeat). Don Crema de Albaricoque was a little nervy at first, but I won him over with a softly-softly mog-whispering approach and he proved to be a sweet, gentle and calm fellow. He was quite content to be sat on his ledge watching the world go by, although as the weather closed in I'm sure he'd have chosen to head indoors. 

Streetmog name: Mrs Norris
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Warm window sill
Preferred stroke: I wish I knew
Character: Nervy
Other: It's about time I named a cat after one of the Potter felines, and this one does bear a resemblance to Mrs Norris. She was sat, quite still, looking out of the side window and I couldn't resist sneaking this shot, although I always feel slightly uncomfortable when pointing my camera at someone's window. No matter, Mrs Norris was a gorgeous kitty and brings the streetmog tally to ninety six...four more and we will have a century of cats.

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  1. Oooh.. we be going up in the world matey! Exciting stuff :-)
    Just don't forget us when you're rich 'n famous..