Thursday, 31 January 2013

The centesimal cat

Perhaps there's some overkill with these century-related words, and I'm aware that a centurion was a Roman commander of 100 soldiers. I've also learned that centesimate means to select one out of every one hundred persons for punishment, or execution. A bit off-topic but it's good lexical stuff, and it's not every day you meet your 100th streetmog.

Streetmog number: 100
Streetmog name: Centurion
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Porch
Preferred stroke: Upper body rub
Character: Haughty
Other: Centurion was not in fact a Roman commander of 100 soldiers, but he certainly commands attention with his wonderful mane and handsome visage. I was delighted to run into him on one of the most reliable mog-hunting streets in Wimbledon as I knew that he'd be a fitting hundredth addition to the streetmog hall of fame. He was friendly, despite having an air of superiority, and allowed me to fuss over him for a bit, but we both knew that what he really wanted was to be let inside. When he realised that this wasn't on the cards, he became more stand-offish, to the point of looking pretty pissed-off. I think he's a smart kitty. And he's probably a she. Centurion, we salute you.


  1. I have broken open the last bottle of Christmas glitter-berry J2O to celebrate! Whooo!
    And what a looker is No. 100..he/she's got Come-to-Bed eyes...smokin!