Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fence off

Three more mogs for our enjoyment. Today was a beautiful, sunny day and I was expecting to see a proliferation of pussies keen to take advantage of the clement conditions, and was surprised that there weren't more about. I'll not sniff at three more new faces though, each one bringing a smile to my tired one. Also, and this is a Streetmogs first (but won't be a common occurrence), the inclusion of a mutt. He's most definitely not a Streetdog, but with a face like that he's certainly worth sharing.

I has a sad

Streetmog name: Charles
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Garden path/doorstep (with intention to be indoors)
Preferred stroke: Under chin tickle
Character: Slightly supercilious but ever so affectionate
Other: Charles was a delightful cat, striking and original in appearance and with a strong character to compliment his fine looks. I first spotted him sitting patiently on his doorstep but he was soon keen to make my acquaintance, trotting down to meet me for some good old fashioned feline fussing. His coat was SO smooth and he felt SO solid; simply an A-grade, top quality mog.

Streetmog names: Laurel & Hardy
Actual name:
Favourite Location: High fence tops
Preferred stroke: 
Character: Wary sceptics
Other: These two were a hoot. The photos tell the story: as I approached, they became less settled and more antsy. Once I got within a few feet, scaredy-cat Laurel was off, whilst the more hardy Hardy held his ground (fence) and continued to stare down at me with those wonderful yellow eyes.

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  1. Oh I want him!! Beeyootiful doggy. And Charles is a cracker.. you can tell he is a much stroked puddytat :-)