Friday, 25 January 2013

Lone ranger

The streetmog sightings have been on the sporadic side recently, which can only be put down to the frigid weather; the sun's made just one solitary appearance over the last couple of weeks, and the ground has remained icy-cold, which is not nice for pussy paws.

Streetmog name: Shere Khan
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Industrial estate (see below)
Preferred stroke: Head rub
Character: Perturbed
Other: It was a real surprise to come across this handsome fellow, as I was driving through the pretty unattractive and mog-unfriendly Merton industrial estate. As I'd not discovered a new cat in a while, I had to pull over and check him out. When I got close, I sensed that he wasn't a happy chappy. He seemed a bit confused and was acting very skittish, although he did come up to me for a brief hello and stroke before he moved on. I didn't have time to consider it then, but looking back I wonder if the poor moggle was lost, even hurt. There was plentiful miaowing and his tail was muddied and scruffy, signs perhaps of a run-in with a four wheeled beastie. I hope he's okay, and that he found his way home - he didn't look like a stray, so fingers crossed for this chap.


  1. Agree with Erina.
    I do hope he was/is ok and is now happily curled up on a loving lap or next to a warm radiator x. Beautiful boy


    1. He deserves to be, and I hope so too. New cats new post along soon :)