Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year's Dearth

It's not that I haven't been out and about on the streets, and it's not as if the mogs have vanished. Oh they're there alright, but they're being skittish and/or too quick, and generally avoiding the camera. Over the last three days I must have spotted five brand new cats (I've been working in some different areas) but alas, only one made it onto the SD card and subsequently into the blog. Not a great photo, not a great post, but who's to say the mog isn't great? Anyway, they will come, the cats will come...

Streetmog name: Dementor
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Away from postie (safety of fenced back garden)
Preferred stroke: No chance
Character: Ghostly
Other: Naming this chap Dementor is a bit harsh, as I'm sure he's very friendly and loveable, but I wasn't feeling it. Perhaps it was the weight of work on my shoulder, perhaps it was the grey sky...but mostly it was because he took one look at me and fled through a sneaky fence-cat-flap. There are also too many black cats around, so I'm having to get inventive.


  1. Oh dear.. it sounds like u need a holiday in a bright place.

    1. ...Good ol gloomy post-festive-season January eh? Just need to push through to the fag-end of Feb and we can enjoy seeing Spring trying to make a break for freedom :-)