Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mog amalgam

A couple of days of postie toil in van and on foot has produced an aching back but a decent haul of mogs so I mustn't grumble. Without further ado, here are four more new brand new kitties for one's viewing and reading pleasure. I know that some look remarkably similar to previous pusses from previous posts, but I can assure you they're each and every one furry and new.

Streetmog number: 125
Streetmog name: Jacob
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke: Back stroke
Character: Outgoing
Other: Jacob - he looked wolfish, like that one from Twilight (when he's a wolf), although the photos don't really do his lupine features justice - sauntered down his drive with an air of confidence. He didn't stop for long, but long enough for me to show him a little bit of love. He didn't reciprocate (much like Bella), as he was more concerned with strutting and sitting in in the wonderful sunshine.

Jacob knew he was gorgeous

Streetmog number: 126
Streetmog name: Don Bigote
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Car roof
Preferred stroke: Chin tickle
Character: Imperious
Other: Don Bigote was a hoot. He saw me coming (I must look like a right royal (mail) prat when approaching these mogs) and was clearly wary of my intentions. The photo does not lie; his startled face ("Who are you and what are you doing? Do not come any closer.") made me grin. However, once he realised I meant him no harm, he was receptive to some good old fashioned fussing. There was another cat (a precious Persian) underneath the very same car, but she was not willing to show herself. Maybe another day.

Step away from the mog

Streetmog number: 127
Streetmog name: Groucho
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window sill
Preferred stroke: n/a
Character: Wary
Other: Groucho was spotted from behind a fence so I couldn't get close even if I wanted to. He was just about ready to run off as I leaned over the fence to take my shot but, when he was satisfied that I would bother him no more, he relaxed.

Groucho eyes up postie
Groucho goes back to sleep
Streetmog number: 128 
Streetmog name: Jeeves 
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Grass
Preferred stroke: Tummy tickle
Character: Grandstander
Other: Jeeves is a perfect mog with which to end the post. He was an absolute gem. The photos tell the story, so I shan't waffle on for waffling's sake but bless his little cotton socks. Oh btw, Jeeves was spotted in the adjacent garden to Charles' - there are some mighty fine felines in these parts.


  1. Jeeves is just precious. love his face markings.

    Came across your blog recently and am absolutely addicted!! My partner and I know all the local mogs and have given them names! I've always wanted to go around taking pictures of them!!

    1. Then take pictures, join the madness! I get lots of strange looks but no longer care :) Glad you're enjoying the blog and the mogs!