Monday, 4 March 2013

A tail of two gingies

So there I was, enjoying the sun but actually in a bit of a funk due to an excessive workload when a delightful ginger appeared. I was pretty sure I'd met this fellow before (and indeed I had - No. 105, Xavier). Looking back at the relevant post it was definitely the same mog, as he was displaying the habitual behaviour of never quite stopping long enough to allow me a hello. 

Xavier remains aloof

Anyway, I lost sight of him until a few moments later when there he was again. Or was he? No, it was another ginger, almost identical, yet definitely a different one. Two ginges! But how could I be sure? Well, Xavier was sat under a car, spying on his neighbour, or relation.

Xavier keeps tabs on Cheddar Gorg

Ah, cat politics and frolics on a sunny March afternoon. There's no doubting the fact that when the sun comes out, the cats follow. That's a good thing. The sun is a good thing. It makes people happy; it makes mogs happy; it makes posties happy. 

Streetmog number: 123
Streetmog name: Cheddar Gorg
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Front path
Preferred stroke: Neck scrunch
Character: Sop-bag
Other: Despite the attentions of the nearby Xavier, Cheddar G was at complete and casual ease. He sauntered down the path to greet me and was very receptive of some good fussing. He was a real softie, both in terms of body fluff and character.

Streetmog number: 124
Streetmog name: Patches
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window sill
Preferred stroke: Back rub
Character: Sociable
Other: It's not just about the gingers today. Patches was spotted on the adjacent street and was nestled contentedly on the window sill as I approached. Her miaowed hello was the sweetest thing and she was happy to abandon her comfy ledge to come down for a stretch and a little play.


  1. What a gorgeous moustache on Patches!

    I saw a postie in Wallington where I live the other day and he walked past a cat sat on a wall and totally ignored it. The posties around here just aren't up to scratch.

    1. She was a beaut. A shame your local postie's not a mog lover. I never understand how anyone can ignore a cat on a wall...