Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lone Ginger

Has a week really passed since the last post and last mog? Sad times in cold climes; it's been ruddy awful out there at times this week and not in the least bit favourable to new streetmog discovery but today the sun was shining and, as usual, this coincided with the reappearance of our furry feline friends. I sense that spring is truly around the corner and that Monday's snow was the last of the season. Bring on the warmth, bring on the kitties!

Streetmog number: 132
Streetmog name: Honeycomb
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Between thorny rose bush canes
Preferred stroke: Back of neck
Character: Carefree
Other: Honeycomb was a sweetie. He trotted along the wall towards me with no hesitation, only delight at having someone to interact with. Once he had a jolly nice self-scratch using the fence and then rose bush, he presented himself for some serious fussing. He had a wonderfully strong purr and it was tough to say goodbye and plod on.