Wednesday, 19 December 2012

It's a fair cop

It's been an interesting couple of days for Streetmogs, with the blog continuing to attract attention. Firstly, London Tonight (ITV evening television news) is interested in sending a camera crew down to Wimbledon to film something quirky. Updates as and when. Secondly, I've been asked to remove house numbers due to concerns aired by (a) local resident(s), that their mogs could fall victim to cat-nicking/napping/nipping/bagging due to their whereabouts being published here. I accept and understand those fears and I wouldn't want to upset any Wimbledon residents nor put their lovely mogs at risk, so I've removed the numbers, and street names for good measure. Perhaps those concerned could have got in touch with me, via this blog, rather than bother the authorities? Just a thought, but I'm sorry for any worry that's been caused...

From now on, then, all streetmogs will simply be grouped together in one big happy SW19 family. I'll continue to (privately) make a log of all mog locations to avoid repeats. 

On a housekeeping note, the URL has been altered (now streetmogs.blogspot as opposed to streetmog) to align with the name of the blog. It's caused lots of broken links and redundant posts out there in cyberland, so any re-posting and sharing would be appreciated.

And finally, a streetmogs post would not be complete without a new streetmog! Read on...

Streetmog name: Dorian
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window sill
Preferred stroke: n/a
Character: Inquisitive
Other: It was a filthy wet day in Wombleland and I was not expecting to meet many mogs. If I were to spot one, odds were that it would be inside, and Dorian duly appeared towards the end of my walk. What a gorgeous little softie. He tracked my progress up the path and began to paw the window when I got close, so we had a little play with my camera strap.



  1. Silly muggles, and poggles! But as long as the streetmogs keep coming, that is fab! Dorian is a beaut! Fab photos and a fab name-- thanks, Postman Cat! :) x

  2. Agree with A Nonnymouse above. But so glad our yummy kitties are safe and the site is still here :-).. How exciting re the old telly!!
    PS( I think Dorian is now ties with Lorax as my faves :-)

    1. :) Thanks, Kittyhugger. Yep, Dorian is a beaut!

  3. So glad the blog has reappeared - I was worried it had gone for good! Makes my day to read about your cat encounters. Keep up the good work!

    1. Sorry for the annoying disappearance! It was always there, just somewhere else! I thing people are finding it again... Glad you enjoy the read and the mogs of course!