Monday, 17 December 2012

A common view

Just one puss graced me with his presence today. Despite another day of beautiful winter sunshine, and once again working up on Wombleton common, there were minimal mog sightings. I know they're there; they have to be, with all that space, grandiose houses and rambling gardens.

Streetmog name: Cobweb
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Steps
Preferred stroke: Chin rub
Character: Assured
Other: Cobweb, being the first and last streetmog of the day, got the full treatment. He was sat on his rather impressive flight of steps, leading up to his rather impressive house (well, this is the most exclusive part of town). He had a loud miaow and was keen to get close for some head-butts, rubbing his chin against my camera on one occasion. I'd had such a great day, working in what felt like rural utopia, and meeting this chap was the icing on the cake; his final pose atop the steps, with Wimbledon Common in the background (what I'd give to live here), was most fitting. Bless up, Cob.



  1. Awesome! Ernie by Tony Mendoza is recomended x

  2. Just investigated and it looks very cool, will gladly add a link! Thanks.

  3. Maybe you can recommend blogging cats to Clinton as such distractions would mean almost 24hr blanket coverage. Just tell him to invest in a decent night camera !
    Great innovative and unique blog Gareth, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Mr.C :) Clinton's certainly out there longer than most... I've had a brief look at your blogs and will make it my reading homework for tomorrow but they look kept this quiet!