Monday, 10 December 2012

Black velvet

Four more moglets for our enjoyment today. I've trod these familiar streets a few times before so I am amazed (and chuffed to bits) that I continue to meet new ones. The only problem is that many of them look very similar so I have to cross-check my photos to avoid duplicats. Indeed, today's first cat looks identical to a previous one, but on close inspection I am confident to say they are not the same puss. Also, I met some nice people today; two of them recognised me from the press articles and one lady asked if her cat Tango was featured in the blog. Not yet, Tango, but your time will come!

Streetmogs name: Shadow
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Fence post
Preferred stroke: Under-chin tickle
Character: Excitable
Other: Shadow appeared from nowhere, from above. She was watching me intently and I thought she'd jump and run if I attempted a hello but she proved to be a very affectionate soul and could purr for England. She looks like Jack Black to whom I seem to have attributed similar characteristics, and the streets do adjoin...but I'm sticking with her as my new number 67. Her collar's different, as is her nose, I think...


Streetmogs name: Pinto bean
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window sill
Preferred stroke:
Character: Bag o' nerves
Other: Aw, butter wouldn't melt. This little fellow was extremely wary of me and of other noises coming from the street. As I got close, he was ready to duck behind the curtain and was in no mood for a confident stare-out that other inside mogs tend to offer. A scrawny but gorgeous little mite.

Streetmogs name: Grinch
Actual name: Mouse
Favourite Location: Sofa-back
Preferred stroke:
Character: Staid
Other: Our second indoors cat of the day, but this one was not in the least bit intimidated by my presence. In fact, she sat her ground on the sofa back and gave off an air of utter indifference. I love her expression in the second photo - she even appears to be rolling her eyes at me. If she could have shaken her head and muttered "what a loser" through the window, she would have. Perhaps she was unimpressed at being decorated in a fashion not unlike the Christmas tree. A great mog.

Footnote: I have since met up with Grinch again, real name Mouse ("Mousey"), as I was on the look out for a cat to be featured in a future Your Cat magazine article. Thanks to Mouse and her owners, you saved the day!

Streetmogs name: Agent Orange
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Tarmac
Preferred stroke:
Character: Occupied
Other: Now then, Agent Orange was an interesting mog. He was spotted at number 3 but was clearly on a mission to get somewhere else. He was a skittish chap and in no mood for fussing, and was actually giving this postie heart palpitations as he ran under cars and across the road. At one point, a total banker in a Mercedes pulled away at an unnecessary speed and I feared for one of Agent's nine lives. At the end of the street, he appeared again and headed into St Luke's church garden, so perhaps he is the clergy cat?


  1. superb! keep them coming. mogs, moglets, moglettes, moggies, pusses, etc. brightens my day.

    1. The furry feline mogsters brighten my day too!

  2. Hilarious! The look on Stuart95s face is BRILLIANT!

  3. I agree, what a look :D

  4. oooh meg and mog is a good mog related read too!

    also, you remind me of postman pat and his black and white cat, jess :)

  5. I hope agent orange gets molested by a squirrel