Sunday, 23 December 2012

Have a black & white Christmas

A busy and sodden day out on the streets of Colliers Wood, but two more mogs unexpectedly showed up between the downpours. It's time for a few days off now; Streetmogs wishes you a very happy and healthy Christmas!

Streetmog name: Smudge
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke:
Character: Timid toes
Other: Smudge was a dishevelled fellow. Perhaps it was just the rain, but he seemed tired and weary. At one point, I thought he was blind - I just think he was an o.a.p (old aged puss) passing the time of day. He was a nervy one so I couldn't get close enough for any fussing.

Streetmog name: Mask
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Wall
Preferred stroke: All over
Character: Affectionate play-thing
Other: Mask appeared suddenly from a front garden as I was sorting some packets out. He ran across the lawn, miaowing, and lept up to greeet me. I was quick enough with the camera to get him mid-jump/miaow. He then strode up and down the wall in search of fussing and nose-butting. A most friendly feline.


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