Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hit for Six

Despite the inclement climes, this week is turning out to be a surprisingly productive week for pussy appearances; you'll never keep a good streetmog down!

Streetmog number: 291
Streetmog name: Jenkins
Actual name:
Location: Fence
Preferred stroke: Neck tickle
Character: Frisky
Other: This energetic tabby could not stay still nor decide whether to stay on the fence, greet the postie or weave in and out of the flower pots. We got a little bit of fussing in before a passer-by grabbed his attention.

Streetmog number: 292
Streetmog name: Wookie
Actual name:
Location: Flower bed
Preferred stroke: Head tickle
Character: Friend for life
Other: Wookie was a delightful thing. He pummeled the path, rubbed up and down against the wall of the house and miaowed with great gusto, all with the intention of being let indoors. Sorry mate, it's not happening.

Streetmog number: 293
Streetmog name: Aurora
Actual name:
Location: Tarmac
Preferred stroke: Full body rub
Character: Strumpet
Other: This beautiful calico wasted no time in coming over for some attention, and boy did she milk it. I was treated to the full display of body rolls and belly flaunting. She didn't have a care in the world, nor mind that her fur and paws were sodden and full of detritus.

Streetmog number: 294
Streetmog name: Mejillas
Actual name:
Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke:
Character: Cheeky
Other: Mejillas made a fleeting appearance before he ran off somewhere else. He was a brazen mog, coming straight up to the van as we prepared our pouches for the first plod of the day, but he wouldn't hang around for any petting.

Streetmog number: 295
Streetmog name: Bojangles
Actual name:
Location: Driveway
Preferred stroke:
Character: Ghostly
Other: I was peeved not to get any closer to this striking fellow. His black nose was a wonder but he was a nervy one and wary of this high vis postman. I hope to run into him another day, get a decent photo and, better still, befriend him.

Streetmog number: 296
Streetmog name: Indiana Jones
Actual name:
Location: Fence tops
Preferred stroke: Under chin tickle
Character: Adventurous affectionado
Other: Indie J was fabulous. He was sat on a fence in a distant garden and I couldn't resist a brief cat-call to attract his attention and perhaps get a photo out of it for the blog. What I didn't expect was his decision to tackle the fenced obstacle course and work his way over to me. He miaowed all the way across and once arrived he was an affectionate, purry delight! Cat, your efforts are appreciated!


  1. You should carry some treats with you :)

  2. Oh I'm in heaven. So many delightfully friendly miaows this week! Thank-you

  3. I saw a link down the right-hand side saying Streetmogs Mugs... and I got all excited for while. I think I would be a great idea to sell coffee mugs with the Streemogs logo on the side (and perhaps a pic of one's favourite Streetmog?)

    1. I'd been thinking about some merch but not so sure. A book is in the pipeline though :)

  4. Oh goodie! I shall keep my eyes open for it on here.