Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tonight We Dine On Dreamies!

Return of the cats (oh my God), you know that I'll be back, (here I am)...

It's been too long, streetmog fans! The distinct and prolonged lack of blog activity has been down to the foul, wet weather (mogs ain't too fond of foul, wet weather), coupled with life being too hectic both at work and away from it. And to boot, if and when I did actually spot a cat, all too often it was a fleeting glimpse of a fleeing one. Anyway, today the sun shone and our furry friends ventured out once more. It's grand to get back in the streetmog swing of things, and even grander to have hit the 300 mark. 300!!! Mogs of Merton, Prepare for Glory!

Streetmog number: 297
Streetmog name: Pocus
Actual name:
Location: Path
Preferred stroke:
Character: Sceptic
Other: This mysterious blackie crossed my path twice which I will take as good fortune. My only misfortune was that he didn't hang around to say hello. As you please, Pocus puss.

Streetmog number: 298
Streetmog name: Sheridan
Actual name:
Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke: Under chin tickle
Character: Assured
Other: Sheridan was a splendid specimen of a cat. I spotted him from afar, and noted how proud and assured he look, sat at the end of his drive. Once I arrived at his spot, he proved to be a confident and sociable bean, and we enjoyed a few minutes of sun-blessed fussing.

Streetmog number: 299 
Streetmog name: Leonidas
Actual name:
Location: Car roof
Preferred stroke: Chin rub
Character: Brash n bold
Other: I had met this beautiful striped fellow before (along with his live-in partner, below) but did not have a chance to whip the camera out. This time, however, time and weather were on my side and this mog was in the mood to please. He was extremely affectionate and seemed very happy to see me, although I soon realised that, as is often the case with these cheeky streetmogs, he merely wanted in.

Streetmog number: 300
Streetmog name: Queen Gorgo
Actual name:
Location: Driveway/under car/in porch
Preferred stroke:
Character: Timid toes
Other: Gorgo was totally gorgeous. In character she was the opposite to her sibling, acting all coy and nervy. At one point I thought I might have won her over but she remained aloof and, like Leonidas, was merely looking for a ticket indoors. What a wonderful pair of kitties and a fitting way to reach the three hundred mark.


  1. Welcome back, Postman Cat! We missed you here, as did the moggies I'm sure!
    Sophie Kitty-Hugger of Bosham xx

  2. For whatever reason...your blog made me meow. :D - LOVE IT!