Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Double dose of ginger

Streetmog number:
Streetmog name: Skimbleshanks Ziggy
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Door mat
Preferred stroke: Under chin tickle
Character: Calm cutey
Other: This friendly old ginger-white was laying eggs quite happily when I approached and he was not unduly bothered by my presence, instead offering his head up for some chin tickling. He realised that I wasn't about to let him in, and then followed me down the path for some more attention.

Turns out this fellow is actually Ziggy from quite a recent post. Cheeky puss fooled me by wandering down other streets!

Streetmog number: 280
Streetmog name: Rusty
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Wall
Preferred stroke:
Character: Self-assured
Other: Rusty almost avoided detection as he was sitting so quietly atop his thin concrete wall. Initially he was very wary of me and I thought that he was likely to bolt at any moment, but he quickly relaxed and began to stretch and even scrunch the concrete. He had a (recently treated and healed) wound on his partly shaven head so had probably been in the wars, but he seems to have recovered well and is clearly a well looked after moggy.

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