Saturday, 12 October 2013

Two for the weekend

Streetmog number: 261
Streetmog name: Lady Toffington
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Path & pavement
Preferred stroke: Behind ear scrunch
Character: Adventurous
Other: I met Lady Toffington's owner and discovered that she had once been a farm cat and was often running away but had now finally settled into her home. She has a handsome ginger son who was also around but he was too quick for the camera.

Streetmog number: 262
Streetmog name: Wandle
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Bush
Preferred stroke:
Character: Inquisitive
Other: Wandle (so named due to the close proximity of said river) was a coy little thing who was interested in my presence but reluctant to get any closer. He was on the other side of some railings so I couldn't have got to him anyway, which was as shame as he was totally gorgeous.

And finally, I met a couple of old friends hiding in the grass under the autumnal sun and as the photo of Top Cat was clearer than the original one, it was worth posting:


  1. Lovely Nougat, sweet little Wandle!

  2. How similar is Wandle to your lad Linc! A beardless Lincoln :-).