Thursday, 24 October 2013

Two cats, uninspired when it comes to naming posts

The mog total continues to creep up with the addition of two new faces. I'm still confident we'll get to three hundred by Christmas...

Streetmog number: 264
Streetmog name: Lucozade
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Under car
Preferred stroke: Back stroke
Character: Hyper
Other: Lucozade was such a bubbly chap; he would not stay still for the camera and as a result I didn't manage to get a good photo of his face, which is a shame as he had a gorgeous nose splodge. He was sheltering under the car when I spotted him but was quite happy to come out and say hi.

Streetmog number: 265
Streetmog name: Kuban Krasnodar
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Garden path
Preferred stroke: Brief chin tickle
Character: Friendly
Other: This beautiful tabby-tortie appeared from nowhere and put on a wondrous display of miaowing, leg-weaving and general pestering. She was a sociable and affectionate thing and it was a shame that I couldn't stay a bit longer, but the bags and the van were heavily laden and so I had to move on.

I also spotted a recent acquaintance, the fabulous Dizzee Rascal who this time was asleep on top of a window garden (or at least it used to be, before he flattened it). I felt bad for waking him up, but he enjoyed the attention. Bless him.

And finally, another missing mog from SW19. I'm happy to do my bit when there's a lost cat out there, either by posting here or tweeting, checking my records or simply keeping an eye out when I'm on the plod. I've not seen this one, but she was lost in the Wimbledon Park area.


  1. What a bright orange cat Lucozade is - just like his namesake cordial. And such handsome blotched markings too :-)

  2. know him? :)

  3. Aah... Dizzee... my kind of miaow :-)