Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday feline fillip

Three and a half more streetmogs bring this catablog up to date. Read on:

Streetmog number: 225
Streetmog name: Winston
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Path
Preferred stroke: Back rub
Character: Nonchalant
Other: Winston was a decent old moggy - stout, friendly and affectionate - but black, and I have to admit I'm running out of things to write about your standard short haired black cat. This one liked nothing more than a decent leg weave and was a very nice pushtie indeed.

Streetmog number: 226
Streetmog name: Pepsi
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Foliage
Preferred stroke:
Character: Skit
Other: Pepsi was extremely wary of me and this is as close as I got, despite my attempts to win her trust.

Streetmog number: 227
Streetmog name: Pinot
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Under car
Preferred stroke:
Character: Nervy puss
Other: I was led to Pinot by one of the other cats and I realised they both resided at the same property. Judging by the amount of cat bowls outside, there were more mogs around. Perhaps another day, although this is not an area I've been to before so I might never return. Anyways, Pinot was not impressed with my stealth approach to grab this shot, and she moved off a few seconds after this. A shame, as it would have been nice to administer some love and affection to this adorable kitty.

This is my safe, happy place. Go away.

I've come to realise, during the process of compiling this blog, that cats with an oriental background tend to be slightly off the hook, in a good way. Each one I meet is vociferous, affectionate, energetic, demanding and not a little bit crazy. This one was no exception, almost racing down the path to greet me, miaowing all the while. He knew what he wanted, and he got it. One plank short of a fence, perhaps, but an absolute beaut and an absolute hoot.

After writing this spiel, I realised that this mog and was actually and old acquaintance, SmokeyNice to meet you again, nut-face!

Yesssss, jut like that Mr postie

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  1. Hahahaha, one plank short of a fence, love it.