Friday, 8 August 2014

Mogs are back in Wimbletown!

Recent conversations about this blog's demise inspired the mog hunter in me to make an effort to seek out some fresh felines, and as a result I present five new specimens for your pussy perusing pleasure. With about four weeks of plodding/driving the streets of Wimbledon remaining, I am confident that the 350 mark will be reached. It's good to be back!

Streetmog number: 333
Streetmog name: Preto
Actual name:
Location: Garden
Preferred stroke: Chin tickle
Character: Coy
Other: Preto seemed keen on being fussed over but was a fairly shy fellow and, despite a momentary enjoyment of some chin tickling, decided to up and leave after a few seconds. Suit yourself, mate.

Streetmog number: 334
Streetmog name: Biscuit
Actual name:
Location: Path
Preferred stroke: Cheek rub
Character: Cuddle monkey
Other: Biscuit was a sweet little thing, approaching me with trepidation but settling down at my feet to enjoy some fussing. She had a quirky purr, which pleased me.

Streetmog number: 335
Streetmog name: Fatsuma
Actual name:
Location: Front garden
Preferred stroke: Head rub
Character: In charge
Other: I was well chuffed with the name Fatsuma, but wondered if Fatsumo would have worked even better. This lexical ponderation could be happily discussed over a pint with a word nerd as like-minded as myself, but not today, or ever. Anyway, this portly ginger was a hoot, as the photos clearly show. In fact, for this reason alone, I will write no more.

Streetmog number: 336
Streetmog name: Miss Milquetoast
Actual name:
Location: Communal garden grounds
Preferred stroke:
Character: Scaredy cat
Other: This nervy lady was sat happily under a tree in the classic "laying eggs" position, keeping one eye on some squirrels who were making a right racket in its upper branches. She wasn't keen on my approach although she did wander over for a sniff and a brief hello.

Streetmog number: 337
Streetmog name: Aziza
Actual name:
Location: Same place as Miss Milquetoast
Preferred stroke:
Character: Same as Miss Milquetoast
Other: Aziza was a beautiful moggle and trotted over to say hello, despite the presence of Miss Milquetoast. She wasn't, however, relaxed enough to let me stroke her, which I have to admit was a disappointment. The two kittehs then proceeded to wander off, sniff each others' bums, and generally do what cats do best - show disdain to humans.


  1. Great to see you back, on fine form!

  2. YES! CATS ARE BACK! Don't stop, postman cat, this blog is THE BEST!

  3. Lexical wonder, this blog is. Fatsuma is indeed an incredible name. And I love when mogs lay eggs. Igritte of Westeros x