Sunday, 24 August 2014

Four down, nine to go

The cat collecting continues at a slow, intermittent but steady pace, and we're on track to reach the target of 350 mogs before the last bill is delivered...

Streetmog number: 338
Streetmog name:
Actual name: Puss-puss
Location: Garden wall
Preferred stroke:
Character: Risk taker
Other: Puss-puss (real, adorable if daft name, as I met her owner and had a little chat) was walking down the middle of the street which was thankfully nice and quiet. I realised she had spotted her owner and was welcoming her home. I couldn't be bothered to get closer for another pic as it was hot & I was heavily laden.

Streetmog number: 339
Streetmog name: Sweeney
Actual name:
Location: Iron stairway
Preferred stroke: Back rub
Character: Jumpy
Other: Sweeney was waiting at the top of the steps along with Geoffroy below. I don't think she lived here but was merely causing trouble. She was an energetic thing and despite my best efforts to get a decent photo, her continuous movement meant that this was the only usable one.

Streetmog number: 340
Streetmog name: Geoffroy
Actual name:
Location: Top of stairway
Preferred stroke:
Character: Fazed
Other: This beautiful kitteh seemed very unsure of anything. He was wary of me, and unsettled by the aggravating antics of Sweeney. He just wanted to be let in and left in peace.

Streetmog number: 341
Streetmog name: Vimto
Actual name:
Location: Garden chair
Preferred stroke: Whatever
Character: Dozy
Other: This soporific mog was not cognizant of my presence until I made some noises to attract his attention (wake him up). He barely moved, unable to lift his head off the cushion nor open his eyes. Bless the old ginger.


  1. Bravo the mogs! Well done, Mr Postie, another episode for our delight. J.

  2. So happy to see new mogs but will be sad to see you go :(