Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fattums Cattums

Just a couple of kitties for now, but splendid specimens they both be...

Streetmog number: 316
Streetmog name: King Sherwood
Actual name:
Location: Lush garden
Preferred stroke: Back rub
Character: Regal
Other: Oh man. This big old stalwart was a prize find, much like his quintessential English garden, which I covet greatly. I'd been waiting to meet this puss for a while, as previous visits to this home showed evidence of a cat, and it was great to finally meet him. He was wary of me at first, but with some practised cat-whispering I won his trust and affection. He also assumed I was about to let him in, and I left him forlornly sat outside his front door. Re the garden, it is a magical place. I am constantly amazed at the glorious spaces that exist throughout this part of Wimbledon - they are tonic for the soul, spirit, eyes and lungs. Walking around here is a pleasure at this time of year; at times it feels like plein country, and the privileged few who live here are, well, just that.

King Sherwood hankers for indoors time, despite the wonderful garden

Streetmog number: 317
Streetmog name: Aldous
Actual name:
Location: Door step
Preferred stroke: Not bothered
Character: Detached
Other: Aldous was a lovely old boy who was happy to stay put on his rubber door mat as I approached. Once I began to tickle that much-tickled chin of his, he purred happily and could have put up with much more but, alas, I had to move on.


  1. Glad you're back. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful kitties.

  2. Yay mogs are back! Love love love :D x