Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Where The Streets Have No Name

Today was a memorable day in the brief history of Streetmogs and my time as a postie. Firstly, we bid farewell to a thoroughly decent bloke and a top rate (and surely the fastest and most efficient in the land) postman: Ian, old chap, you'll be missed. First we were the famous five, then the fantastic four, then the three amigos, and now it's down to the two G's to sort Wimbledon D.O. out on a daily basis. Good luck mate, it was a pleasure working with you. Fittingly, the cats were out in force to say goodbye to our colleague. In all, seven kitties crossed our path today and we passed the 150 cat count. Five will be immortalised in the streetmogs hall of fame, one kept his distance and so avoided the camera and one turned out to an old friend. Enjoy the surfeit of mogs, loyal streetmog followers!

Streetmog number: 147
Streetmog name: Ian
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Under a black cab
Preferred stroke: Chin rub
Character: Nosey
Other: Ian reflected the character of his namesake as he moved around quickly and was hard to get hold of. We first spotted him sitting under the back bumper of a taxi. Not the safest place, Ian. Half an hour later, as we were greeting two more mogs, he turned up on a wall. He was keen to find out what was going on and was pretty partial to some fussing.

Streetmog number: 148
Streetmog name: Goatie
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Garden walls & paths (not necessarily his own)
Preferred stroke: Head scrunch
Character: Intrigued
Other: Goatie (check out the black marking under his chin) was a fabulous cat, all tails told. He initially appeared from behind a wooden fence and seemed to be a timid sort. However, he soon realised that I was friendly and came closer for some petting. A little later, when I'd moved on down the road, he reappeared with a very loud miaow and a definite appeal for some more attention. Of course, he got some.


Streetmog number: 149
Streetmog name: Babaganoosh
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Outdoor table
Preferred stroke: n/a
Character: Distant
Other: Babaganoosh was a lovely looking kitteh and I would have liked to have got closer to ruffle that splendid mane of hers, but she seemed very wary and I sensed she'd bolt if I tried. She was afraid of Mr Postman, but was not in the least bit bothered by the train that rattled past at the foot of her garden, a few moments later. I suppose she's used to it. Bless both her coyness and bravery.

Streetmog number: 150
Streetmog name: Reginald
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Door mat (wanting in)
Preferred stroke: Ear tickle
Character: Weary & slightly wary
Other: Oh, Reginald, you gorgeous old bony bear. This chap has had a good innings and was certainly looking his age, but he was beautiful in appearance and nature. He could barely get himself up off the door mat but get up he did, and some good fussing ensued. If he could talk I'm sure he'd have some great stories to tell and he is, aptly, the 150th streetmog.

Streetmog number: 151
Streetmog name: Peppermint
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Shrub
Preferred stroke: Nose rub
Character: Chilled
Other: Peppermint was spotted by my colleague Glen and I just had to back-track to catch up with her. She was a vocal thing, and very sweet to boot. At first she preferred to interact from behind the fence but she soon jumped up to say hello and was quite happy to get some attention from not one but two postmen.

And finally...

When I saw this beautiful cat I was pretty sure we'd met before and sure enough, it was Stoker, mog no. 74. This time she was happy to entertain herself in the wonderful spring sunshine.


  1. Oh Reg, you handsome cad, you.

  2. Lovely, as usual. I say, though. Reggie's a fine looking moggie, is he not?