Thursday, 25 April 2013

Four phenomenal felines

Phew, what a scorcher, as they say. Well, 22.C is hardly tropical but after the winter we've had it certainly felt hot. Shorts and short sleeves, water bottles, sun spray and, of course, streetmogs; mogs enjoying the sun, mogs enjoying the shade, mogs ready to please. They all appeared within an hour of each other, and yet again one particular Wimbledon street has proved itself to be a haven for kitties. I shall have to rename it Chemin de Chat, or something. Right, onwards with some mog musings, and I'm pleased to say that I feel enthused this evening. It might down to today's original selection of cats, or it might have something to do with the feelgood factor of enjoying a creme egg with a glass of Syrah. Ah, life's simple pleasures...

Streetmog number: 163
Streetmog name: Francis Bengali
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Steps/bushes/inside away from postie
Preferred stroke: n/a
Character: Defensive
Other: Francis was a truly beautiful cat. Handsome and svelte, he commanded attention from the top of his steps. He wasn't going to entertain the idea of some fussing, however. Try as I did to approach calmly and with enticing noises, he wasn't having it and bolted for the bushes. I didn't mind - he was so lovely and I was glad to have met him. As a Pompey fan, I'm aware that Bengali played for Southampton but I don't hold grudges.

Streetmog number: 164
Streetmog name: Chewbacca
Actual name:
Favourite Location:
Preferred stroke: Porch/gravel garden
Character: Antsy
Other: Oh man, these gorgeous kittehs just keep on popping up. I remarked to my colleague that perhaps one in three households has a pet cat. I wonder what the ownership stats are. In any case, I am enthused and optimistic that, even on well-plodded streets, I will continue to meet new felines. Now then, this stunning chap made me second guess that he was Centurion, our 100th streetmog, but now I've had time to check my pics and location details I can write with confidence that this is a different cat. He wasn't that keen on me getting too close, despite my trying, so I had to be content with a vocal hello and a couple of average photos.

Streetmog number: 165
Streetmog name:
Actual name: Jezza
Favourite Location: In the garden with mum (gardening)
Preferred stroke: n/a
Character: Friendly but wary
Other: Jezza is a cat I'd met briefly before. In fact, Jezza is the beautiful brother of the equally gorgeous Saki who I was featured holding in Your Cat magazine's April edition. I love it how things come around, how I run into owners and their cats, learn names and make connections etc. I initially spotted Jezza outside his front door, but he ran under the car when I tried to get closer. Once mum had come out to do some gardening, Jezza wandered over and loyally sat by her side as she got down to work. It was a lovely moment. 

Streetmog number: 166
Streetmog name: Star Anise
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Garden path
Preferred stroke: Back of head tickle
Character: Exhibitionist
Other: I was delighted to finally meet Star Anise, sister to grey cat Saffron. Due to an earlier conversation with their owners, I was aware of brown cat's existence and today she made an appearance on the sun-drenched garden path. As I've grown accustomed with Siamese, she would not keep still for long but her sun-seeking exploits gave me ample opportunity to get in there for some lovely fussing, while Saffron looked on.

And finally...

...Saffron can't stop drawing attention to herself and she deserved just one more Streetmog appearance:

It's because I'm worth it.


  1. What beautiful cats! You must have a knack of finding and/or attracting them. Love your blog!