Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Solitary sill sitter

After the mog excess of yesterday, it was actually a relief to meet just the one feline friend today. Too much work, not enough time, and the footy on the telly this evening. I must say that it was a truly enjoyable working day, made all the more sweet by being proffered a tupperware container of freshly cooked curry from the grateful recipient of a parcel; as the door was opened, the aroma was overpowering. It smelled so good, I just had to ask what it was...and the rest is history, and in my tum. Thank you, Ganesha! Anyway, although it's tempting to spout on about the life and trials, and spoils, of a postman, I will resist and concentrate on the cats...

Streetmog number: 111
Streetmog name: Spats
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window sill
Preferred stroke: n/a
Character: Suspicious
Other: Spats just sat there and stared. He had every right to. He was in the warm, sheltered from Wimbledon's bitter northerly wind, whilst silly postie man was flouncing around outside with a daft grin on his face and a camera in his cold hand.

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