Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Shrove Cat Day

Man oh man it was freezing cold in South London today. Plain old cold. No snow, no rain, no wind, no sun. Just flat, grey and dull. I wasn't expecting to see any mogs in these frigid conditions but to my glad surprise three feline souls were daft/unlucky/brave enough to venture out, and they each had one thing in common: looking fed up and desirous of being indoors, perhaps for a fish pancake.

Streetmog number: 114
Streetmog name: Black Eyed Pea
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window ledge (coveting indoors)
Preferred stroke: Head scrunch dip
Character: Loveable
Other: How do you name a one eyed mog without being mean, cliched or tacky? Black Eye Pea will have to do.With his demi-vision, this fluffy black ball of cat melted my heart. He was happy to be fussed over and gave off a deep purr while being petted. He was such an affectionate mog and I only wish I could have granted his wish and let him in.

Streetmog number: 115
Streetmog name: Treacle
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window ledge
Preferred stroke:  Chin rub
Character: Inquisitive
Other: Treacle lived a stone's throw from Black Eyed Pea and had assumed a very similar position of outer window sill abandonment. I love her single white toe. Do cats have toes? Yes, of course they do. Despite being a bit nervy, she would have surely let me fuss over her for a bit, but the man from the council decided to start up his (pointless and I despise them) leaf blower and scared poor Treacle away. Stupid leaf blowers.

Streetmog number: 116
Streetmog name:
Actual name: Boo
Favourite Location: On dustbin
Preferred stroke: Under ear
Character: Nonplussed
Other: Boo (collar tag revealed true identity) was a funny old kitty. I've no idea why he was sitting atop the plastic dustbin; perhaps he was merely keeping his furry tail off the cold ground and surveying his domain. He was calm and confident and not at all bothered by my presence but judging by his expression he seemed to be having a pretty bad day. I expect he wanted in, like our previous two mogs. Anyway, once he'd sniffed me the okay, he was up for some fussing and appeared to enjoy the attention.


  1. Aaw.. you really do make my day.
    The first thing I do when I get to work (yes, I know. shhh!) is check to see if any more meows have been added.. to me it's as lovely as soaking in a nice hot bath, I get warm n fuzzy all over.

    Thanks :-)

    1. Sorry there's been a lack of day-making warm n fuzzies recently! Couple of days off & since then only glimpses of mogs. Too busy, too cold :(

  2. Treacle is gorgeous and I also hate leaf blowers, loud and pointless things. Boo's expression is brilliant, he is clearly very unimpressed with the day. It's the kind of expression you normally see on a cat that has been forced into wearing a dress.

  3. Treacle is gorgeous and reminds me of my Treacle, also a dark tabby with a few white toes and a white neck... sadly a victim of a car crash just after his 1st birthday :( But I have 3 other cats including his sister and they are safe in an enclosed garden area.

    1. Oh, so sad to read of your Treacle. Glad the other three are safe and sound though :)