Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Domino Effect

A couple more additions from recent days. Streetmog history has been made with the discovery of a cat's actual name*, thanks to its nice collar tag. It could have been a double, as the other mog was also wearing a tag but your blogger forgot to check it out...

Streetmogs name: n/a
Actual name: *Domino
Favourite Location: Postman's legs & wall post
Preferred stroke: Chin & tummy rub
Character: Demanding
Other: Domino was a noisy fellow, miaowing incessantly as he prowled the pavement alongside the beautiful Southside common. He threw himself down at one point for the full underbelly rub, and executed the classic scratch, bite and back-leg-double-running-thrust as I tickled him. I was glad to be sporting gloves.

Streetmogs name: Molasses
Actual name:
Favourite Location: In postman's footsteps
Preferred stroke: Any he can get
Character: Attention seeking softie
Other: Molasses was hilarious. A colleague had warned me about this follower of a street mog. True to form, he proceeded to pursue our postman up one side of the street and half-way down the other, purring and even pummelling the wall-tops (see first photo) as he went. What a cracker.


  1. Just found your blog and absolutely love it!! I'm just browsing through to see if my Wimbledon-based Aunt's cat is in here... I picked this post to comment on to just note that Domino is a girl- any cat with black AND ginger in their coat is female about 99.9% of the time. Keep up the snapping!

  2. I am now imagining many people looking for their or a friend's cat on the blog. Perhaps I should start taking requests to get mogs added?! Btw, I have no idea of the cats' genders as I'm no expert, but thanks for imparting your knowledge - it seems to be a hot topic in the comments section! Glad you're enjoying the blog!