Thursday, 18 October 2012

Scaredy cats

Today was a day when all but one of the street mogs were timid little things. Good old scaredy cats they were. A look and a sniff, then turn and flee. Or hide in the bushes. Or under cars. Read on...

Streetmogs name: Tortoise
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Driveway
Preferred stroke: Tummy rub, possibly
Character: Tease
Other: Tortoise, with his glorious patterned coat, was a slow mover. He was happy to come and say hello with a leg brush-past, but then proceeded to roll around on the drive like a mad mog. Any attempt at a tummy tickle was rejected, however, with a swift move to another section of paving.
Streetmogs name: Jellycat
Actual name:
Favourite Location: House path
Preferred stroke: Unknown
Character: Total scaredy cat
Other: Oh Jellycat, bless you and your twitchy whiskers. This sweet street mog was such a timid soul and would not allow any contact. When an approach was attempted, the ginger yellow fellow fled into the back garden.
Streetmogs name: Poppet
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Hiding amongst the shrubs
Preferred stroke: Unknown
Character: Nervy wreck
Other: Poppet, your little face broke my heart. Such a sweet thing, she initially vanished when first spotted, but then appeared behind a wall and this is as close as she'd let me get.

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