Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sei gatti happi

Six more mogadishus for you moggling pleasure. I am particularly delighted with some of my streetmog names for this post. Inspiration was borne from either 1. excessive fatigue or 2. two glasses of Valdepeñas.

Streetmog number: 322
Streetmog name: Matt
Actual name:
Location: Mat
Preferred stroke: Head rub
Character: Oblivious
Other: Another mat cat, was Matt, sat like that. I see quite a few cats sat on mats, possibly due to the fact that they wish to sleep but would prefer to do so indoors. This chap was not bothered nor disturbed by my presence, and allowed me a little head rub before I continued on.

Streetmog number: 323
Streetmog name: Caesar
Actual name:
Location: Sofa back
Preferred stroke:
Character: Antsy
Other: This indoor boy was very excited by my presence and was literally scrambling up the window pane and frame to say hi or to execute an exit strategy. His well pronounced snout reminded me of a famous ape.

Streetmog number: 324
Streetmog name: Vladimir
Actual name:
Location: Alleyway
Preferred stroke:
Character: Bully
Other: Vladimir was involved in a three-way cat tête à tête. He was definitely trying to impose his will and power on the other two. Cat politics. It's all the same.

Streetmog number: 325
Streetmog name: Affogato
Actual name:
Location: Pavement
Preferred stroke: All of it
Character: Open hearted
Other: On approaching this nonchalant pavement dweller, I expected him to flee before I got too close, but I had misjudged him. This cute softie was open to all sorts of fussing and produced a terrific display of body rolls and tummy exposure.

Streetmog number: 326
Streetmog name: Wellsie
Actual name:
Location: Window sill
Preferred stroke:
Character: Not bothered
Other: Wellsie was a lovely old chap, who seemed lost in his own world of street gazing from behind the window. I particularly like the fact that the blind was broken, affording an entry and exit point to and from the window sill. We can guess who caused the damage...

Streetmog number: 327
Streetmog name: Pootle Flump
Actual name:
Location: Tree-bush
Preferred stroke:
Character: Dazed
Other: Pootle was fast asleep under his bush and did not seem amused to be woken up. I bet he didn't stay there long, as a few minutes later the heavens opened, producing a deluge the likes of which have not been seen since the other day.



  2. Pootle Flump looks like my little Gerry who is no more.