Sunday, 3 November 2013

Proliferation of Puss in Park of Merton

It is with great pleasure that I am able to pen a pussy-loaded post today. I was recently back on one of my favourite stomps in the ruralesque area of Merton Park with its long tree-lined roads and lovely houses. It has never failed to disappoint with its provision of mogs and this time was no exception as I discovered five more fresh faced felines. The abundance of kitties was due to the wondrous, sunny autumnal weather which, as always, pleases the senses and soothes the soul.

Streetmog number: 267
Streetmog name: Ventana Blanca
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Window sill
Preferred stroke:
Character: Enigma
Other: It's not often I take a mog-in-window shot due to some e-whispers of discontent that I caught wind of a while back, but I couldn't resist this white wonder. He sat perfectly still, feigning disinterest as I took the photo but I knew that he was secretly intrigued to know my business.

Streetmog number: 268
Streetmog name: Fletch
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Under crappy Toyota
Preferred stroke:
Character: Wary
Other: Fletch was a real cutie but was also a nervy tick and slid under the hatchback before I could get my petting in and he wasn't about to come out. Shame.

Streetmog number: 269
Streetmog name: Barnaby
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Foot of tree (for stretch 'n' scratch)
Preferred stroke: Head tickle
Character: Contented
Other: This handsome tabby was quite happy to let me approach, despite the noise of the leaves being crunched underfoot. He was simply enjoying the day, which itself got better when he found himself on the end of some loving fussing. His purr was a joy to hear.

Streetmog number: 270
Streetmog name: Tuppence
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Driveways & pathways
Preferred stroke:
Character: Elusive tease
Other: Tuppence was a cheeky little rascal, accompanying me for about five houses worth of work before vanishing down a side path. He appeared at each doorway, fooling me into thinking that it was his home, before continuing along to the next residence.

Streetmog number: 271
Streetmog name: Tinkerbell
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Door step
Preferred stroke: Chin tickle
Character: Baby
Other: Oh Tinkerbell, bless you and your innocent fluff. When I met this exquisite kitty I was into a fifth hour of pavement plodding, having taken on more work for more moolah, so it was a lovely filip to meet her. I would have spent a bit more time in her presence but I was truly knackered and keen to wrap the day up.

And finally...

I also ran into a beautiful cat I'd seen from afar (and unimaginatively called Jason) a while back and had hoped to see again at closer quarters:

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  1. Tinkerbell is SUCH a baby and WHAT a nose! Thanks for posting, Mr. Postie! Sue of Fan y Big x