Thursday, 29 November 2012

Time for some more paws

A surprising and pleasing surfeit of mogs over the last couple of days. It never ceases to amaze me how many cats there are living in any one street; I am sure that I'll continue to meet new felines even if I plod the same steps. Anyway, it appears that the temporary hiatus from the recent wet weather has tempted our affable moglings to venture out for some winter paw-licking and breeze-shooting.

Streetmogs name: Cowardly lion
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Uncomfortable fence perch and/or under trees and bushes
Preferred stroke: n/a
Character: Detached
Other: Only just the other day (this post), I mentioned that Gobelina was stalking a beauty of a cat nearby. Well, as hoped for, he turned up again - one street down. Cowardly lion was a lively yet shy little fellow and wouldn't let me get very close. As I edged nearer, he turned fluffy tail and dropped behind into the back garden, where I have to assume he lives. A simply devine mog.

Streetmogs name: Jersey
Actual name:
Favourite Location: Between vehicles
Preferred stroke: n/a
Character:  Occupied
Other: Jersey flew past my legs when his owner opened the door to collect a package. I was in a rush and so only managed to sneak this pathetic shot. Not much to write then, other than stating the obvious. (He'd just eaten). (I was hungry). (But this didn't make me any hungrier).

Streetmogs name: n/a
Actual name: Freddy
Favourite Location: Path & porch
Preferred stroke: Chin rub
Character:  Loveable rogue
Other: Freddy (his real name) was a friendly sort and was happy to sidle up to me and enjoy some fussing. He then led me to the porch and introduced me to his pal. Freddy's owner was doing some winter gardening and told me his cats' stories: they found them both as kittens but could not locate the owner, and so adopted them as their own.


Streetmogs name: Freesia
Actual name: n/a
Favourite Location: Kitchen (cat eating area)
Preferred stroke: n/a
Character:  Shy petal
Other: Fresia (I didn't catch her name, but with Freddy as a brother I really hope they called her that) was extremely timid and fled from the driveway when I turned up. With encouragement from her owner and Freddy, however, I tracked her down...

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