Thursday, 20 September 2012

Grey & Ginge

Two more smashing street mogs were kind enough to come out and say hello today. Lots of mogs around, but it's not always possible to stop and capture. Oh well, our paths will soon cross again.

Streetmogs name: Sheeba
Actual name: Unknown
Favourite Location: Alongside fence
Preferred stroke: Back scrunch
Character: Skittish
Other: Seems to be friends with or related to Persia.

Streetmogs name: Jasper
Actual name: Unknown
Favourite Location: Gravel car park
Preferred stroke: Tummy rub/head scratch
Character: Hedonist
Other: Puts on a show in the sun; a bit of an exhibitionist. Absolutely gorgeous mog. So gorgeous he gets two photos. Spotted at the Wimbledon Hotel, so I assume he's the official hotel cat.


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